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How do you submit individual orders in PP?

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
I have about $80 in outside orders. How do I submit them in PP? I only see non-commissioned orders (consultants) and shows. Where do I list these orders to transmit?

I had so many cancellations (4), and as usual only one rebooked for another month. I have had it with people who tell you they want a party; you do all the work, and then they don't answer the phone the week of the party. For one party, I was in contact with the host every week for 5 weeks, but the week of the party she did not have the decency to call me to cancel. I had done everything except buy the food. She is avoiding my calls to return my show materials and catalogs. How can people be so rude?


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Feb 20, 2005
I'll post more tomorrow, on my way to bed. But I DID want to help you with the individual order in PP. Click where you normally would for adding a show and then it automatically will come up kitchen show, show number, show date, and taxes. You can 'click' beside kitchen show and choose 'individual' and that's it. It will then add s/h accordingly.

Hope that helps,