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Healthy for Kids


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Feb 3, 2006
I am doing a fair and the emphasis is on Kids Health- I need to promote Kids eating Healthy! ANy quick and easy HEALTHY recipes that anyone has whether or not it is Pampered Chef (I'm going to burn in HE!!) would be most appeciated. I pretty much know all the cooking links but looking for anything!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 18, 2005
Are you preparing a recipe there?

Are you looking for a recipe that you'll have already prepared and are sharing at the fair, one to make at the fair, or just recipe handouts?

Jan 25, 2006
KirstenAnne said:
I am not quite sure but anything will help
One of the things I love to do for kids is to peel, core and slice an apple with the APCS then sprinkle sugar free strawberry jello on top of them. Use the flour sugar shaker for the jello powder. Even diabetics can have this one! Shows the APCS off really well. I do this at any fairs I participate in because it is so easy and no cooking involved. Put the slices on Simple Additions plate and serve with bamboo tongs. Good Luck!


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Feb 2, 2005
I did a "healthy snacking for kids" demo at a PTO meeting. I prepared most of the food ahead of time and just demonstrated 1 of each recipe. I made trail mix with pretzels, raisins, nuts, chex cereal, cheerios, etc. I put this in those big bowls we had a few years ago. I made "ants on a log" which consists of celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins on them. I made lady bug apples which are apple halves with peanut butter dotted on the skin side and raisins put in the peanut butter. Then use pretzels for antennas. I also made a healthy fruit dip and used apple wedges and orange slices. The big thing with kids is that they don't want things that are healthy. But, they do enjoy fun food. You can demo the apple wedger, cutting boards, knives, spreaders, crinkle cutter, bowls, scrapers, and the SA pieces. I hope this helps.



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Oct 7, 2005
this site has a TON of cutesy fun ideas for kids.. food, and the like. kids like to play with their food, so make it fun and they'll gobble it down! here's a few that i found right off:

"Meteorites" (Peanut Butter Balls) -- good show of batter bowl, small scoop, small 1 cup bowls (put coconut, mini choc chips, sprinkles, cocoa, etc in them to roll the balls in), and chillzane servers (freeze insert and chill them right on the insert as you make them.. yummy) , as well as possibly stoneware (can chill them on it when you make them at home). http://jas.familyfun.go.com/recipefinder/display?id=12760

sliced ham/turkey
sliced low-fat cheese
mini crackers, such as Ritz Bits
Cut ham and cheese into small rounds the size of the mini crackers. (or cut them into shapes with the creative cutters--what little girl wouldn't want a mini flower sandwich?) Place a ham round on crackers, then add the cheese. Cover each with another cracker. Or, use a healthy bread, make a sandwich and cut shapes out with the cutters. Stick a toothpick with the curly ribbon on top in each to hold together. [YUM]

Dinosaur Punch
This refreshing drink got its name from being Barney-colored.
4 cups grape juice
One 6 oz. can frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cups ginger ale, chilled
1. In a punch bowl, stir together the grape juice and lemonade concentrate. Add the ginger ale and serve immediately. Garnish with ice cubes made of lemonade. Makes about 6-3/4 cups. * use the pitchers to mix this up and pour into the little bathroom cups.. just for a small drink. you'll probably get 3-5 times the amt as normal from it.