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Health effects of our cookware?


May 25, 2005
Does anyone know if the hard annodized aluminum is better for your health than the regular aluminum as far as not promoting alzheimer's, etc. I have never used aluminum cookware and one of my hostess' just brought up this subject with me and I don't know what to say. And what about the non stick caoting, is it safe? I know that the old kind, the teflon, is hazadous to the health. What about the one pampered chef uses? Does anyone know of any studies done that would relate to this. Thanks



This is how I understand the whole cookware thing. Maybe someone has a 'real and official' explaination.

Annodized aluminum is safe, not like aluminum. When aluminum is annodized it actually becomes aluminum-oxide. Aluminum-oxide is a stable compound, the aluminum doesn't leach out into the food at any heat. It's also why you can cook acidic foods in the PC Professional cookware - aluminum-oxide doesn't react to acids, regular old aluminum does.

As for the Autograph nonstick coating...go see the DuPont web site. They say it is their best quality non stick coating. The old teflon that is still around is on lower grade cookware. As for unbiased info about the Autograph coating, I don't know where to get that quickly.


Jul 12, 2005
Okay, so I'm trying to remember, so please understand that I may not be 100% correct...
But, as for the teflon, from what I understand, the Teflon releases fumes when it is heated to a certain temperature, which is usually when its on High on the stove. What's great about our Professional Cookware is that it cooks and heats evenly, so that you never have to heat your food on high heat. Actually, you should never heat anything on high heat. If you have to do that, then your cookware needs to be 'updated' :) I heard this from the Today show. Again, I may be off a little on details, but this is the basic idea.


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Apr 10, 2005
Teflon issue

Hi. This came through on my cluster loop. This came directly from Dupont. It's answers the question about Teflon...which is a copyrighted (trademarked?) name...not all non-stick is Teflon, and only Dupon is Teflon. I have sent this to customers who have asked this question before, and it really helps answer their questions.

Happy selling! Nicole :D


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