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Gift basket silent auction donation


Jul 23, 2005
I want to offer a PC gift basket as a silent auction item for a group I am involved in. The organizer wants it to be at least worth $50 and I am hoping to some people will pick up a business card as well as putting my contact info in the basket for the winner. My question is: what should I put in it? I don't know if I should do lots of little things or fewer bigger items. I'm at a total loss.

Any suggestions?


Advanced Member
Nov 3, 2005
what i would put in it...

i would put a small batter bowl, quikut paring knife, citrus peeler, large micro cooker, twixit clip pack, mini serving spatula, large serving spatula, can strainer, and jar opener. I would put in it maybe a small basket and add some colorful tissue paper. This set includes smaller items along with some bigger items. Using both sizes of the items it will make the basket appear fuller. hope that helped.....

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Leesa--I'm not sure I would make all $50 product prizes. I would maybe do half in product and the rest in a $25 gift certificate that is redeemable only through you and expires at the end of this season. That way you kinda spread out the expense and the winner then becomes a customer, which you could parlay into a party.
Feb 16, 2005
i don't usually put in that much

usually a small batter bowl, season's best, and a larger item (med. bar pan or mini baker something in that price range, which of course I ordered at a discount).
I always include a gift certificate redeemable only through me (either $20 value or for a specific product, a double I already have in my cupboard), that way, if they are interested in PC in any way, they will contact you to redeem it. (depending on the organizer, they might pass the contact info on to you, but usually they forget) Always put an expiry date on it within a month, put some urgency on it. I include a large cataglogue & info on any specials/hosting/business info in the pkg.

I also send 10-15 catalogues (mini's) and lots of business cards for other bidders & browsers. It is a great idea and you really open your business to new customers that way.

Good luck.



Jan 6, 2006
What is the history?

If it is a door prize, I will do a basket of stuff, usually around the $20 range. When it is an auction, I like to do something more flashy. What I use for these kinds of donations depends on what I have on hand. When my kids went to that school, I donated a LOT. This year, it was much less. How involved will you be in putting this thing together? This year, I was there helping them set up the auction tables. I donated the Entertaining Set with Striped Platter...I also noted every person who said "THAT IS SO COOL!!!" I made jokes about it to each of them...and they are EXPECTING my call. I have found that I have gotten very VERY little actual business from these types of things. I can't tell you that I've EVER had anyone say "I got your business card at the Mac auction." Yes, it certainly makes me look good...but I don't want to look like a sucker! I always try to find out WHO won/purchased my item so I can follow up with them. If someone feels close enough to me to ask me for that donation,then they should feel comfortable giving me the info!
Feb 22, 2006
Silent Auction gift basket

I do this every year, in fact we just had our auction. The gift basket should be of related items, a theme. I like to do the pizza basket, round stone, pizza cutter, stoneware cookbook, italian seasonings, pizza sauce, etc or pie basket with pie stone, server, pie gate, batter bowl, cookbook, crust shield, pastry blender, etc. or a coffee lover's set, simple additions coffee mugs, carafe, and PC coffee. Always place a business card, catalogue, and a gift certificate (redeemable only through you.) The winner will call you with an order because you gave them your info and a catalogue that they already looked through. And they must like the product if they bought it in the first place! Rember, it is tax-deductible for the value. Best of luck! :D


Oct 16, 2005
I really like the idea of doing $20-25 in products and a $25 gift certificate, that way they have to redeem it thru you. I did a basket for a silent auction once and put my card and a coupon for a free kitchen show and no one ever called.