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FB Business Page rules clarification


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Jun 19, 2008
I had some questions regarding recipes and the photos we use because there have been some differing of opinions/interpretations of the rules being shared, so I e-mailed a HO guy in Career Solutions and here's what he wrote me back:

Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef. You can make a Pampered Chef recipe, take a photo and share it on your Facebook page. However, you cannot post the actual recipe unless it has already been posted by us on Consultant’s Corner or at www.pamperedchef.com.

The photo itself would not need to include the Independent Consultant logo because you should already be properly identified by the title of your page. As long as your page is titled correctly by using your full name and title, you will be properly identified on everything that you post or comment on, therefore the Independent Consultant logo does not need to accompany every photo that you post.

In regards to banner photos, Consultants can use any photo as long as it is in compliance with Pampered Chef policies and procedures. What this means is that if a Consultant would like to use a logo as part of their banner photo, they are required to use the Independent Consultant logo in its original form. It cannot be altered in any way. Consultants are not allowed to use any photos that feature the corporate logo as part of their banner.

You may share (copy and pasting is fine) any photos that the Home Office has already posted in the Personal Web Site gallery or on Consultant’s Corner, www.pamperedchef.com or the corporate Facebook page. However, you must clearly identify yourself as an Independent Consultant in your post and may not alter, misuse or misrepresent the content in any way. The corporate Facebook page is monitored very closely and if we notice any Consultant using it to advertise or promote their business, the post or comment will be removed and that Consultant will be notified.

The Consultant Policy Guide clearly states that Consultants must disclose their full name on all social media postings, and conspicuously identify themselves as an Independent Consultant. The only way to ensure this is to title your page using your full name and title. We understand that many Consultants are in violation of this guideline and we are working to get this cleared up.

We are trying to coach Consultants as best we can on the Social Networking Guidelines. The good thing is that all of the information above can be found in the Consultant Policy Guide, so if we can direct Consultants to the Social Networking Guidelines prior to them setting up a social networking page or profile, they should know exactly what to do in order to be in compliance.

Now, after reading that, I was a little confused between his instructions for not needing to identify myself as an Ind. Cons. in my own picture type posts because my page (when done correctly) clearly states that I am one. Yet later in referring to using PC's main FB page posts, that I do need to identify myself and also that I'm not allowed to alter the content. I shared with him an example of a PC post from the corporate page and then an example of what I might say instead along with a copy & paste job of the PC photo and recipe. (I don't always like the wording they use to preface the recipe they share, and I switch it up to sound more like what I would say.) Anyway...here was his response:

If the title of your page, for example, is “Mary Brown, Independent Consultant for The Pampered Chef”, this title will identify and accompany all of your posts and comments, therefore you will not need to identify yourself in the text or add the Independent Consultant logo into any photos.

Yes, you can copy and paste the image of the Crispy Potato Nests and post the recipe. Please keep in mind that the policy says that only recipes already posted on Consultant’s Corner or www.pamperedchef.com can be posted.

You can add your own wording to your post, but you cannot alter the photo or the recipe. You do not have to add your name or signature to the end of it. Every time you post something, the title of your page identifies the post. Therefore, as long as your page is titled properly, you will always be in compliance with this policy. I noticed that your page is titled correctly, so if you look at your most recent post, your photo and page title will always be at the top of the post.

Then he sent me another e-mail with this reminder:

Just a quick reminder. We always recommend that you “share” photos and recipes whenever possible so that the original poster or creator is receiving the proper credit. This is very important. If you choose to copy and paste a photo or recipe, please be sure that you are giving the original poster the proper credit.

Anyway...sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to share with you all what I learned. I know that this is in the policy guide, but not everyone interprets the same passage the same way and also not everyone has even read it, so I thought this was some good info. Hope it helps! :)
Sep 30, 2011
Good Grief!! My head was spinning by the time I got through it. Thanks for contacting him to verify posting pics & recipes - especially after the latest e-mail we received from HO. (However, I did think it was funny that he talked about C&P throughout, then sent a separate reminder that 'sharing' is the best way to go - even HO is still working it out!)