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Erika Soelberg's Express Show: Short, Sweet, and Fun!

In summary, the author has created an "Express Show" which simplifies the kitchen show from set up, through the demo, and the close. The author primarily prepares food at home and uses this format to leave later in the evening and arrive at the show only 20 minutes early. The author loves this format and plans to do it every show.
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I have had many requests for a few more details in regards to my Express Show. The recipes that I do have not really changed much...I just prepare them at home and, if needs be, bake them at the hostesses house. There is less concern about product overlap, etc, because the demo is not controlled by the food ingredients. I try to do simple, cheap as possible, and tasty. ( and always from a cookbook that I can sell when I introduce the recipes.)
This fall, I plan to resurrect the braid tecnique because I have not done it for along time and I can freeze the filling ahead of time. (according to Don Funt at conference), I will demonstrate the tecnique with playdough!! All they need to see is the basics....and I'll show the roller, cutting boards, pastry brush, egg separator, etc (all very quickly!!)
Currently my format is to show the top five essentials in the kitchen: Stoneware, Cookware, Chopper, Slice and Grate, and Garlic Press. Then I am showing five to seven "Fabulous Favorites" of mine. I am trying to show things that are not really common, like the Salt/Pepper Mill, the new trivet, etc. Then I throw candy to anyone who can share a Fabulous Favorite of their own. We can really have fun with that and that is where all the "regular stuff" comes out: the scrapers, quick stir pitcher, etc. They get an extra candy if they can shout out the page number in the catalog when they share!! I end with a final product...the heart mold, which leads into Round up (mold holder) and my closing.
I am loving this new show. It is fast, low stress, and FUN!!
> Hi all-
> . I came up with idea for an "Express > Show" to help > eleviate two of my personal concerns about shows:
> 1) I was spending way too much time in the evenings away from my
> family. I wanted to simplify the kitchen show all together from set
> up, through the demo and the close...and get home by 9-9:30 p.m.
> 2) I heard time after time complaints from guests about how long
> the shows were that they had attended and how "every consultant said
> the same thing."
> So I developed a concept to work for me. This is how it works:
> First of all I prepare all food at home. This works best for me
> I have seven children and doing all the preparation in the daytime
> allows me > to leave later in the evening and arrive at my shows only 20 minutes early!!
> I love the fact that all my tools are clean, I can prepare ahead and
freeze > chopped chicken, fillings, etc. I tell the hostess to have a $15.00
> check waiting for me when I arrive. I tell her that I need the money
> the night of > the show to help me "keep my accounts separate." Very seldom do I > have to remind my hosts about the check. They are all very happy to > not have to do > the shopping, preparation, etc. (I have saved several cancellations when > their excuse was 'I'm too busy.' I am able to show them how easy it > will be > for them. As far as recipes, they are just my regular stuff. I am > still a TWO RECIPE gal (I strongly believe that much of our draw for shows is > the food!! I know there is much discussion on this, but I feel pretty committed > to this.) I have done the Chicken Ceasar Salad Pizza all summer. I bake
> the crust, spread with cream cheese, and cover with foil. I chop all
> the salad toppings, including chicken and put in a zip loc bag. I
> pour the ceasar salad dressing in a separate small zip loc and a bit
> of parmesean cheese in another small zip loc bag. When I get to her
> house, I pour the dressing onto the salad and toss it in the bag.
> Then I dump onto the
> and sprinkle the cheese on. It is great. Then I have done the double
> chocolate trifle (mocha trifle without the coffee.) However, at my
> show on > saturday I did the apple crisp. I prepared it completely and just
> popped in > the hostesses microwave when I arrived. It was ready 15 minutes > later. The > guests eat first. As soon as everyone is served, I begin!
> I have revamped my display, also. I have two baskets--one medium
> and one small. I put autumn fabic in them and put my tools in them.
> I have a stoneware stand with two stones and cookbooks and the grill
> pan. I put my tool turn about in the bag. I set both baskets and
> tool bag in my
> I put the stones and grill pan in my stoneware tote and lay the
> stoneware stand on top of the baskets. I zip and go. When I get to
> her house, I
> the showcase, pull out my baskets, put the stones in the stand , take
> my tool turn about out of the bag and I am ready for the show to
> begin. It takes 2 minutes--MAX!!
> Then, because the demo is mostly "dry", my cleanup is
> unbelievable.
> demo is about 30 minutes) I do take a potato and a garlic clove. I
> demo the chopper, ultimate slice and grate and the garlic press with
> food. THAT IS ALL THE MESS I HAVE TO CLEAN UP. I wash them quickly,
> stick them back in the basket and pack up in the same two minutes it
> took to set up. AWESOME!!
> My show average is doing really well--I totally credit it to the
> calls the hostess MUST make to let the guests know that the food is first.
> Anyway, I am so excited about the simplicity. After eight years
> of kitchen shows, I am thrilled for the change. And to think when I
> started this businesss we did THREE recipes and my
> was 2 hours long.
> Here's to short, sweet and FUN!!
> Erika Soelberg
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More Pampered Chef Express Show IdeasI have been doing express shows all summer and have had a great response from hosts and guests. I feel that it addresses the issue of "time is the new currency". **I print a label for the host to put on each invitation that
"This is an express show. Food will be served at 7:00pm followed by a 20 min. demo. $10 door prize given at 6:59pm"
*I coach my host to call everyone and be sure they know that they can't show up at 7:30 for the end of the demo and food because it will be gone. It *is really getting my hosts on the phone. *Bookings are up because people know it will not take all evening. *The biggest change we have seen is in attendance. People appreciate being able to come for 1/2 hour and eat, shop, and see the new products instead *of 1 1/2 hours. *I only show high priced items and try to focus on one or two. Show averages have gone up because people seem to be buying the same and attendance is up.* This has been a huge shot in the arm for some of my seasoned consultants and directors who are tired of doing shows. They love it because they are home *in time to kiss their kids goodnight. They are actually doing more
*shows. *I go earlier to have all the food done but have a Senior director who
*prepares everything at home and asks the host to have a $15 ready for when she gets there. I feel the key to this show is to let the guests know it is an express show on the invitation.
I LOVE your take on the express show. I have children too*, and I like the idea of making things faster, and shifting the focus of my parties just a little. I am new enough to PC to remember what I liked in a direct sales party, and I think you are dead-on about the amount of time that people want to spend.

Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous ideas. This is very generous of you.
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Pampered Chef Express Show DemoHow about doing a potato demo with one potato, show a whole bunch of tools. Chopper, US&G, Julienne peeler, zester, A/P/C/S vegetable peeler, hold n slice, knives, corer, apple wedger, cutting board, garlic press, micro cooker, Batter bowls, colander and bowl set, stoneware, cookware pastry brush seasoning. You can do it in 20 minutes, while they eat.You can do half of those with a lemon or two.

Eileen Paul
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Key to Express ShowsThe key to Express Shows is Host Coaching. I've had some of them be as high as $1,250. I'd say that among all of my Express shows I probably have about a $600 show average. I make the food before everyone arrives so that people eat right when they get there. I take turns mingling with everyone and different groups. I think that is how I meet most of their needs. A lot of times people are gathered around me and my tools too. About 45 minutes after the "start time" of the show, I take 15 minutes to go through my bookings/recruiting binder, door prize slips, and any "new" announcements. Sometimes I will also do intros, and then they sell to each other at that point too! I've heard a lot of remarks at my Express Shows, like "Thank God we didn't have to sit through a demo!" Most of the bookings at these shows are for more Express shows. I've even asked the bookings from PC Virgins if they'd like to see a full demo at their show.....NOPE! They tell me they would never book a show where their friends are required to sit through a demo. Of course, I do feel that they are being somewhat cheated too! However, I think the Express Shows just meet a different target market, and I find that I'm doing shows when I might otherwise be out of bookings. I've even had people call me from out of the blue to say that so and so recommended me, and she says that you do Express Shows! I'm really interested in that type of show. Overall though, I feel that our typical loyal customer would be disappointed in the Express Show experience. I'm not surprised by what HO found. Some PC junkies have commented to me that they don't like the Express Shows. I let them know that I do what the host wants.

It reminds me of my 25% off sales....I have on every year, and I do very well. Everyone always asks if that hurts my business. Why would anyone
book a show when they are getting such a great discount already?? The
truth is, hosts know that they get so much more by having a show, and so they almost never buy during my sale. However, all the customers that will never book a show buy like crazy!!!

April Wahl
There are some great ideas here! I have been looking for a way to make my shows shorter. I tend to talk too much about each product as I use it & I think it drags on waaaayyy too long :( .
I'm actually doing my first 'express' show on Friday morning for a group of pre-school moms, so I'll definitely use some of these ideas.

Just curious, Deb...where are all the people who wrote these posts & how can we contact them if we have questions?
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Sorry, can't help you.
Good luck with your express show!
I love this idea...except I was wondering how you present the $15 "cover fee" to your hostess/host? I think this would be great, because I have run into the problem of the hostes forgetting an ingredient. If anyone has any ideas for this, let me know.

Thanks a bunch.

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I just have them pay me for the ingredients when I get to the show. It can vary depending on what recipe I'm doing.
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Thanks for replying so quickly Deb. I think I'm definitely going to give this a try. So much time saved.

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DebPC said:
I just have them pay me for the ingredients when I get to the show. It can vary depending on what recipe I'm doing.
What about ingredients you didn't buy specially for the recipe? For example, I made the Fudgy Glazed Brownies (from the new cookbook) for a show in the morning & used a ton of sugar/cocoa/flour, etc that I already had on hand. She's a friend, so I'm just going to charge her $10 to cover the few ingredients I did buy (for hers & a test batch) & a little extra, but what would you do for a stranger in that case?

BTW, has anyone made them & managed to get the glaze to look like the picture? Mine is all lumpy & doesn't spread to the edges :( .
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I'm not a real stickler charging for some ingredients. I never charge for eggs or oil. If you really feel you've spent enough on misc ingrediants- just tell them x amount for___________. I've never had a host blink an eye over anything I've charged. They are so thankful I did the shopping and made the dish.
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Giving % OffHow do you manage to give a % off to your clients? I understand that regular customers will host and the " lay " PC customer would go crazy. Sounds great!

Do you base your order on what they have ordered or do you buy in bulk and just discount those products?

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I never discount higher than 20% and it's usually at my customer and host appreciation sale once or twice a year. I run the sale for 4-7 days and it's on everything. The discount comes off my commission. I am a director and make a higher commission so it gives me more leeway. Never run a sale where you lose money!
Once in a great while I will do a special sale just on cookware, or stoneware, or on Simple Additions.
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Now I know why I visit this site. It is so informing and I love this idea about express shows. I am definitely going to start using it. What a wonderful idea. Thanks to you all.

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I'm a new consultant and I know making the Garden Ranch Pizza is encourage, but I wanted to do something different. Thank you so much for the great information on Express shows. I love the idea and think it will help me stand out from other consultants. I really like the idea of doing things ahead of time, when I'm at home and not nervous! :)
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I am so GLAD I stumbled onto this site!!! The tips I have gotten are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!!!

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1. What is Erika Soelberg's Express Show?

Erika Soelberg's Express Show is a quick and entertaining way to learn about Pampered Chef products and recipes.

2. How long is the Express Show?

The Express Show is designed to be short and sweet, lasting around 30 minutes.

3. What can I expect from the Express Show?

The Express Show is filled with product demonstrations, tips and tricks, and recipe ideas to inspire you in the kitchen.

4. Can I purchase products during the Express Show?

Yes, you can place orders during the show and have them shipped directly to your home.

5. Can I host an Express Show with Erika Soelberg?

Yes, Erika Soelberg is available to host Express Shows where she will bring all the necessary products and ingredients for a fun and interactive experience.

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