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Dumb Question


Aug 5, 2005
I was just reading some older threads and noticed that alot of you seem to bring a lot of products with you to your shows. Those of you who do this do you have them with you in case guests want to see them, or do you actually talk about everything you bring?
I usually only talk about what I'm using during my demo, and was just curious how everyone elses show outline went.


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Jun 29, 2005
I bring the stuff for my demo, of course, but then I also try to bring some other things to talk about and demo that I think they might be interested in. If it is a group that I have done a show for before, I try to bring things I wouldn't normally bring, like the Quick-Stir Pitcher or the Rice Cooker. The Colander set with lids is also a good seller when I take them with me.


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Sep 13, 2005
I take the products I will be using for my demo along with a few seasonal products. I have been taking the roasting pan, carving board and "gift basket" ideas with me to my shows the past month and a half. I usally try to bring some new items. Just be careful not to pack the whole kitchen!