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Done Several Bridal Shows but ..


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Jul 29, 2005
never a surprise show.

I am going to modify my invitation to include the fact it is a surprise, but I am not sure how to work the gift.

Should I just indicate that each guest bring a monetary gift in a card for the bride and then have the bride open the cards and order after the show is over? As a guest I think I would want to know what she will ultimately get.

I usually use the bridal board method at my shows. Should I have the bride choose items during the show?

Can someone who as done a surprise BS please give me some input. I do not want to make my demo portion of the show to lengthy. The host has also invite a Wine Shop consultant so I will be sharing time. I just finished a show like this and it seemed like the wine consultant talked for 2 minutes and I talked for hours.

Basically, the surprise aspect is throwing me. Please help.