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Does anyone have a copy of their script that they use at kitchen

Jul 15, 2005
Does anyone have a copy of their script that they use at kitchen shows. I feel that what I have is not the greatest and would like to view others. I don't fell that my presentation runs smooth enough. I forget to tal about stuff. If anyone could help please email it to me. Thanks!


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Jul 22, 2005
I think part of your personality needs to come out into your "script" so it probably wouldn't come across very naturally if you were to do what I do, or what the next consultant does, etc. However, before I do each show, I sit down at the computer (keep in mind - I am in my SS month 1) and walk myself through the show and just type it out how I want it to flow. I kind of pretend that I am doing the show as I go and type it all out. I make sure the recipes I am using are right next to me so I know exactally what products I will be using and what tips I want to share. I add in some sort of "point activity" for the guests to earn points and the person with the most points at the end of the show usually wins 10% off (I gear these activities to the theme of the show). It usually takes me a good hour or so to create my show seeing as I am typing it out almost word for word.

Then after I am done and print it out, I read over it many times in preperation for the actual show. I don't memorize it - just get comfortable with the way I want the show to flow. Then come show day, I bring the script along and just use it as a guideline - I don't read it word for word but if I get stuck, I can jump right in to where I want to go and not get stressed.

For me, as a new consultant, this is what works best. I really think if you just sit down and write out all you want to cover, it will come across in your show rather than trying to adapt yourself to what someone else finds works. Good luck! :)


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Feb 2, 2005
When I first started I would write everything out on index cards...recipe, product info, etc. This was great at first, but it eventually became a crutch. So, I started writing less and less down and going "off the cuff". Now I make sure I have the recipe written down and have 'studied up" on the products I am demonstrating, but other than that I do not use a script. I have found that I keep my guests attention better this way. I have started printing product descriptions, warrantee info, and catalog page numbers on index cards and giving them to the guests when they arrive. Then as I do my demo I ask the guests to read their cards when I demo the product. This keeps their attention and gets them involved in the show. Basically, you have to practice your presentation and as you go along it gets easier.



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Jul 23, 2005
I also would write out my entire show and take it with me but I soon realized that i couldnt read, talk, and demo a recipe all at once. Now (i am in my 4th month) I just get up there up and do it. None of my shows have been the same because I always say or do something different. I go off the crowds emotions. If i see them getting bored, I get someone to come up there with me and demo a tool (usually gets them going again). I tell them the more enthusiastic you are the more I will be and I when I get enthusiastic good things happen. (discounts, free shows). The main thing is to take a few deep breaths, get relaxed , and have fun. we have the easiest and funnest job out there. Its hard to overcome your fear at first but it wont last long. i was so scared to do my first show and i very comftorable speaking in front of crowds (i am also a singer) but it was terrifying. but the next show was so easy and fun and i was totally relaxed. just dont let fear keep its hold on you. i hope i encouraged you in some way. good luck and keep us posted


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Apr 12, 2005
I agree with everyone. Someone gave me the idea to use the product care cards in your demo this way you don't have to try to remember evrything about the products,you hand them out and put the page numbers on the cards. This way all you have to do is study your recipes and review your product facts then hand out your product care cards at the beginning of your show and every time you use a product have that guests read their product care cards.
I used to use a script but found that I didn't follow it because I feel it is to inpersonal to be reading off of paper. So now I make a copy of the recipes, and a couple of index cards with reminders of extra info like host rewards, the round-up program, payment options or anything else I want to remember to talk about, and the rest I wing it by "reading the crowd."