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Dialogue for those potential hosts/recruits.


Feb 22, 2006
I've noticed lots of threads on how to deal with wishy washy "potentials" and what to say etc. It's funny because the dialogue I use when I call is a really good combo of many of the ideas that have been mentioned here. I just thought I'd post it, as it may be of some help...

"Hi Nikki, this is ________with the PC. (optional Actually, I am beginning to feel like the Pampered Pest.) I am sure you are busy with other things, but I was wondering if you could take a minute and let me know either way if you are still interested in hosting a Cooking Show/information about the PC opportunity, then I'll know whether or not to continue following up with you.

(optionalI’m not sure if I’d mentioned it before, but for “ ______” to benefit, you’d have to have your show by __________.) I know you were really excited about the products/opportunity,_________, & I'd love to help you have a fun, rewarding show/understand more about it. We have really fantastic host and guest specials (for this month/coming up/ for “MAY”) !!

So, if you could please give me a call back and let me know either way, that would be a great help for me. I will be out this/tomorrow evening, as I have a Show, so if you could call and leave me a message, I'd appreciate it." As a reminder my number is _______. Thanks so much, ______!