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Theme Show DCB and Tastefully Simple question

May 19, 2009
I was invited to do a combination party with a Tastefully Simple consultant. Of course we are using all TS products displayed in PC products. Because of this the host asked which TS product I would like to use for my cooking demonstration. I personally have not used TS in years and therefore do not know any of their products. So she suggested I use the Pasta and Pomodoro with the DCB. Now I have the pasta and I am ready to give it a test drive, so to speak, but I am at a loss. Can I use the pasta with the DCB, if so how would I modify it? And can I do it in the microwave? I have read that some of you have done these duel parties and there are a few who have duel consultant status with TS and PC so, any help or suggestions would be great. I really need to make this recipe before the show. I'm not someone to go in unprepared. Thanks for your help!


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Jun 2, 2008
I did this in April with a TS consultant in my church. It was great for me and not for her. Everyone she invited didn't show and my friends did. She did sell some things to my friends but they mostly bought from me. There was no demo - it was more Open House style. If I do another Open House, it will be me only.


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Mar 17, 2006
Did they give you list of the "samplings" that TS will have? In my experience, the TS consultant has a set list of things to demo. Work with those.

You can then go the TS website and they will have all the products listed so you can see what they are - and recipe ideas.

You could always do the 30 minute chicken, just rub the chicken with one of the TS seasonings...?

All the samplings can be passed around on SA.

Also, do you have the small Bamboo snack bowls? Many times the TS rep will have various sauces to dip the beer bread in, use those snack bowls for the sauces.

Do you have the stone loaf pan? Have the host bake the beer bread in our loaf pan.

But I would definitely get the list of the TS things to be demo'd.


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Jul 15, 2008
I think I just added fresh avocado to the mix. I can't remember if it called for anything else. Used the Mix 'N Masher to mash it all together. It was quick and easy.


Dina Atnip

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Jun 21, 2008
Thanks I just started liking Guacamole so looking for a good recipe some of them are not very good that is out there.