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Customer Complaint

Jan 12, 2006
I have a host for this weekend that conincidentally has an issue with PC. She bought some knives last year and the sleeve apparently didn't sharpen, on more than one. I never saw them and wasn't around when it happened.
I don't believe she has contact with her prior consultant either.

She alledgedly was told to ship them to PC prior to Christmas and still hadn't heard from them or received her knives.
She called them yesterday and said they don't have them and unless she kept the receipt from the post office there was nothing they could do.

Any recommendations? She still wants the show and the knives, but alluded to complaining about PC at her show.... doesn't make sense.



Oct 26, 2005
I am not sure exactly what all has happened with this guest but if she is truly having this much trouble with her knives and is not getting the problem resolved you may want to call HO yourself to see if you can check on the problem for her. Does she have a Reference number that you can use when you call them? Does she have her purchase receipt for the knife itself? If you are not able to get the problem fixed for her then maybe you can offer her a discount on a new knife through you as good customer service. I have done this in the past for customers who have experienced problems similar to this from other shows. They are usually thankful for the offer. Some do take me up on the offer and other do not. It just shows them that I am willing to go out of my way to provide them with the best customer service that I am able to provide and the appreciate that. Hope this helps!

Keep your chin up! :)