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Cracked stone?


Jun 16, 2005
I have a customer in another state that recieved a cracked stone. I have her receipt on PP. I don't know what to tell her can someone help?


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Feb 2, 2005
She needs her receipt - if she lost it you can print her a new one and mail it to her. Then she - or you - has to call the home office and get a reference number or I think you can do that online at consultants corner. After you have the reference number she will fill out the back of the receipt and send her stone (or a piece of it) and they will send her a new one. If it has not been 30 days since the show, the home office will send her a postage label to send it back and she won't have to pay the shipping...and a lot of times they send a new one before they get the other one. If it has been longer than 30 days, she will have to pay the shipping to return hers. So, if it is even close to 30 days, call home office ASAP.



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Feb 14, 2005
If she received it cracked all you have to do is a product adjustment and you can do that for her. She should not have to send it back. Go under consultants corner and go under adjustments. Type in the show number and then you can type in the address for it to be shipped to. I get alot of cracked stones and do this all the time via consultants corner-so easy.


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Jan 21, 2005
You can call PC customer service for her. They will tell you if she needs to send a piece of the stone to them or not. If it's within the 30 days PC will pay shipping. It's really easy and with the reference number they don't even need the receipt.