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Pampered Chef: Lg Stone with Handles cracking question

  1. kam

    kam Legacy Member Staff Member

    I know this has been an issue with many... but I now have a customer who has returned 2 of them. The Large Round Stone with Handles has been cracking on her 2nd time using it.

    I am going to email test kitchens, but thought I'd check if anyone knows the answer to my host's question:

    Question to ask Pampered Chef about this stone: I have a wall stove which is smaller than a normal oven. This particular stone I have to sit it in the oven at an angle. I can not sit this stone straight in because the handles touch the sides of the oven. Since both stones broke on the second time using them - could it be that the stone is actually to large for my oven - that there is not enough space around the stone to heat the stone equally which causes the stone to crack straight in the middle with a handle on each side?

    May 12, 2009
  2. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    It's touching the sides of the oven? Then yes, it is too large. She needs the smaller one.

    It could very well be why it cracked.
    May 12, 2009
  3. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    I think it is interesting that both stones broke on the second time using them. Why wouldn't they have broke the first time?

    Let us know what HO says.
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