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Cookware comparisons

Oct 24, 2005
Was wondering if anyone had a chart on the different descriptions of our cookware vs others...Stating why ours is better. I love the pieces I own and would like to share other info to the guests. Many people say it is expensive. HELP!
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Sep 13, 2005
Glad you like it. It works well for most people that want to compare our cookware to others! I can't take credit for it of course, I got it last year from someone! (can't even remember who to give credit to!)


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Oct 20, 2005
our cookware is not expensive

I just sold a set of cookware as a host half price item. The husband of the host is using the half price item to buy the cookware for his wife for christmas. He was making jokes about how it hurt to write that big of a check. Well last night I saw a sales ad for bed bath and beyond and the 10 piece analon hard anadized cookware set which is comparable to ours is ON SALE for 579.00. Well since I work with the host and her hubby, today I told him about the set and he was amazed at how reasonable our cookware is :D and they are hosting another show in Feb. so that they can get more cookware at 60% off. If your customer says anything about the expense, tell them how much comparable cookware costs on sale and encourage them to book and get it half off.