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Cooking show for a bunch of Chef's



I have a cooking show the end of March where alot of chef's are being invited to. The host told me that once a year they like to go to a PC show to stock up on new stuff for there restaurants. :eek: I'm praying for a very good show, but I'm also wondering if anyone has any game ideas for this particular group of people or advice on how to best go abouts selling to this professional cooks?

I don't want to stand up there and look like a fool not knowing what I'm talking about since I've only been doing this since November of last year. So I plan on doing some serious reading on our stoneware and cutlery and open stock cookware so if I'm bombarded with questions, I'll know how to best answer them.

Any help is appreciated.

Chef Kearns

Legacy Member
Gold Member
Feb 8, 2005
I'm not sure I would do things much differently. I've have had a few shows with chefs in the crowd. What I've done is just make them the resident expert. What do you look for when you shop for cookware, knives, etc? Then espouse the glories of Pampered Chef. If they go to a PC party once a year to stock up then they already know it is good stuff.

Keep it light and keep it fun. I might play a features/benefits trivia game with them. Are they mostly male or female or is it going to be a mixed group?

Wow!! Congratulations!

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
I think I would have them get involved in the show as much as possible. Let them demo the products so they can experience them first hand. If it were me I would probably really study up on the products I was going to demo to make sure I knew everything about them.


Thanks everyone.

I've decided to cook the food ahead of time and instead of demonstrating what they would be eating after the show, I'll be demonstrating each tool I have for them.

Example, show they how the APSC works with apples and potato's, demonstrate how the zester works, the US&G, and other things that usually don't get shown will be.

They are interested in the simple additions so I'll bring all the one's I have to show too. I have a few games I found that I think will be fun. :D

Thanks again!