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Tried and True Recipes for First Cooking Shows


Aug 27, 2011
I'm about to have my first couple of cooking shows. I had two kick-off shows where I made a variety of food but only did a demo of the cool veggie pizza and lava cake.

I want to give my hosts a variety of options for the demonstration, but would love some feed back on tried and true recipes. I have everything in the large consultant kit, plus the DCB and the grill pan/press. I may have more things by then, but let's assume that's all I have.

What options would you give to my hosts? I plan to demo the lava cake at each party -- it has gone over huge and I've already sold a bunch of rice cookers. I also plan to bring micro chips (sold a bunch of chip makers and simple slicers this way).

Thanks for any help you can give this newbie.


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Jun 19, 2008
Fajitas in the DCB
Loaded Baked Potato Chowder in the DCB
Grilled Chicken Penne Al Fresca (uses both the grill pan & DCB and is so easy and good)
3 Cheese Garden Pizza
Zesty Ravioli Skillet w/ Garlic Biscuit Bites (but you need the 12 in skillet for that)
Cool & Cruchy Tacos (made as a salad w/ chicken cooked in the grill pan)

I love to do a lava cake at each party, too. It wows everyone and is so good! :)


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Jul 25, 2007
What I do is offer the same 3-4 recipes every season. That way I'm not changing or having to try new recipes all the time. Right now I'm offering the Autumn Chicken Risotto from the Season's Best, Tapenade Turkey Meatballs from this season's best and rocky road brownie dessert from this season's best combined with the garden veggie dip from the MFP recipe cards.