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Comparison between host benefits

Jan 21, 2005
Anybody do any research between both old and new host benefits and come up with visuals to maybe encourage bookings? I saw something somewhere and can't seem to locate it now. Can anybody help?? :confused:


Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Well, Jodi. You could go back through your past hosts and see what they got for free or with the old program then do a show under the new program. At Leadership coference one of the speakers/educators did this and showed us all. That would be the most convincing way, I think, because you know the past hosts personally. Use the company average show of $450-470 as a guideline.

I hope this helps. I honestly don't think you really need to do much of an explanation unless you are dealing with a die-hard Pampered Chef fanatic. Most hosts don't really care how the system works. Switching to the dollar system will be easier to explain, especially to new hosts.