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Community Education/Adult Education


Dec 8, 2005
Hello everyone! I'm planning to do some classes for our local rec dept this summer and am trying to pull together my proposals and plans. I'd love to hear from others who may be doing this.

I'm thinking about doing a hands-on class with kids, probably direct it towards 10-13 year olds, and will pull recipes from the Let's Eat cookbook. I recently put my daughter's girl scout troop through their cooking badge and that worked out really well...so will use basically the same format for that for this one.

I'd also like to do a power cooking/investment cooking class for adults, and maybe Fast Family Meals.

The last time I did this, I did a pizza class, and a cookie class, and an appetizer class. They were all fun and very well received, hands-on with several "stations" with 1-2 people working on each recipe - and everyone feasted on all items made afterwards. But I ran around like a nut! I ended up feeling like I approached this opportunity from the wrong angle and worked it much harder than I needed to.....which is why I now appeal for wisdom on the loops! :)

So while I'm scouring the loops for files on power cooking/investment cooking items, I thought I would open up the coversation for others to share

I'd like to hear about format/class flow, what you charged per person, hands on vs. pure demo, and anything else you'd like to share. I'm going to post this out to some other loops that I belong to....sorry for the duplication if you're also on those other boards!

Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.