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Checks Payable to You or Hostess?

Jul 27, 2004
I'm wondering how many of you have the guests make checks payable to you or have them payable to the hostess and then have her send you one big check for the show and if you don't mind adding a line or two about why you do it this way. :rolleyes: Thanks!!

Jul 22, 2004

This happened to some people I know. A woman from their office had a show and collected a few after show orders from them. The show stayed open for 2 months. The bad part is that this woman lied to them about their orders and when they were being shipped. They were not happy customers. See, they made the check out to the host and not the pc consultant. She most likely spent their money and was just waiting to get paid (or have extra money) again to give the orders to the consultant. That's what I suspect happened, i have no proof. Just know that could happen. I bet it happens even more when the customer pays cash.
Aug 26, 2004
I have done it both ways. Right now, I'm having the customers at the show make their check payable to me. Then for outside orders, I'm having them make them to the hostess and she writes me one check (or on Credit Card). This way I'm not out the whole amount and the checks usually have time to clear the bank before the order goes in. People have a tendency not to write a bad check to their friend.

I personally had a guest give me a bad check and because the order got shipped to the hostess and she delivered the product. I never got paid.


I have checks from the show go to me. I have only had one check bounce, the guest called me before I knew it happened and apologized. She did the "Couple Toys" parties and a guest had bounced a check to her. *sigh*

Her order was not too much, so I told her to pay me when she gets it.

If she doesn't, she wont get her stuff, and its all resellable.

Also, I have ALL shipmints come to my home and then I deliver it to the host. This gives me time to double check everything, put in Thank You notes, and slip in an extra "Hostess get this free!" flyers.

I recommend it!


Novice Member
Aug 13, 2004

That is a great idea & service. Especially for hosts who live nearby. I know I did that for a couple of my hosts who had small children. They really appreciated it. It was a lot easier for me to do it since I knew the products and could bag the orders up in no time. It will also be easier to respond to & possibly resolve any problems (i.e. missing or damaged products) immediately. I think adding this extra service will go along way.
Dec 12, 2004
I had a hotess take it upon herself to have the guests make the checks out to her and then she wrote me one big check ($430). The check bounced!!! It took my bank more than 10 days to notify me and they didn't return the check to me because my account was in a negative status at this point. In the mean time, the product was delivered to the hostess. I had to go to my bank and pick up the check, take it to the hostess' bank and wait one day for a cashier's check. Then go back to her bank, pick up the cashier's check and take it back to my bank. The hostess has never said a word about it to me. It was a huge mess. I personally would like cash or credit card. I've had several bad checks written to me and I don't have the money to cover it, however, at least when each individual check is made out to me personally, I don't run the risk of being out the money for the entire order! Hope this helps.



Checks Payabe to me

I used to have the checks made payable to the hostess as that was how I was taught to do it when I first started. But now I have them make the checks out to me, actually I opened a business checking account in the name of "my name, DBA (doing business as) Pampered Chef". So all the guests can just write out the checks to Pampered Chef and I don't have to worry about spelling out my name each time. Also, having the checks payable to me makes packing up the show alot easier. The ultimate is that last year my husband bought me a laptop for Christmas and I bring it to every show, input the shows right into Pampered Partner and totals go on the receipts, no more miscalculations. I've only had one check bounce. Another thing I do if it is a really big order, I will wait a few days until the checks have cleared and then I transmit the order.