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Can I easily navigate from the chat room back to the main page?

In summary, the chat room is really cool, but it's not always populated. It would be nice to have a schedule for when it is open so that everyone knows when they can enter.
Thank you! I'm very excited to see it added to the site. I'm sure it will become very popular when people realize it's available. One question...how do we get from the chat back to the main page? Thanks again!

You can enter from the top bar where it has User CP ChatRoom Contact Us,

The way I have been getting back to the posts is just by hitting the back at the very top of computer.
Just went to the chat room...AWESOME....THANKS GREG!

It would be nice to have a direct link back to the board instead of using the back button.
Until our wonderful Greg adds a button to return to the board, you can open an additional browser window and have the same results. For those a bit computer or IE challenged: while looking at this post, click on "file", then "new" on the title bar of your browser window. It will open up a "copy of this window". Now, you can go to the chatroom with one window and browse the boards with the other. (Holding down your "control key" while pressing the "N" on the keyboard will also accomplish the same thing)
OMG Thank you Rita!That was too cool! Thanks for the tech lesson Rita! I will be using this always now - here AND on other boards. Oh, if I only knew this month's ago...LOL

Chat room has gone crazy? Help:confused: I was trying to use the chat room and it is going crazy. The window keeps refreshing on its own! So every time I start to write a letter is ends of with only part of the message on the screen. I think it is a gliche with the chat room, but maybe it is me. If anyone can help me please do so. I would love to talk with people in the chat room.
It was acting weird yesterday for me too. I would type and it would post one word at a time instead of the whole sentence. It was doing it so fast too, when I would hit the space bar it would return so it looked like this:
I know everyone in there thought...hmmm, she doesnt know how to run this thing! :p
The chat room has been doing that to me also i am so glad that it is not only me.
OK.. after you have been in the chat room...what do you do to let people know you have left the room. Too many times it is showing people are in there, but when you try to strike up a conversation, noone talks to you. I even have gone in a couple times and then go back out then when i go back in it still shows that i have never left. That is a little confusing I think.
HAHA!! I know the feeling, you almost feel like no one likes you :p . I think we should put together a schedule of topics so everyone knows when they can go into the chat room and actually chat with someone about a particilar topic. I think that the chat room is a great idea and just adds so much more to this site!!
to exit chat roomI looked under chat help and it said to exit you enter the following
it will then close the window and sign you out......I think
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gbirkes said:
I looked under chat help and it said to exit you enter the following
it will then close the window and sign you out......I think
This is so Cool! :cool: I just went in there to check that
out and had a great conversation while there and learned something new - thanks Kristi!! - and it (the /exit thing) does work but it took me totally out of Chef Success.

I am not a chat room person but it really is cool to use. Once we get it going and set a topic schedule it will be even better!
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No problem Beth! It was great talking to you!!! :) ;) :D
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I did the /exit thing too. It takes you totally out of Chefsuccess. SO I went back in and it said chefloriray joins the room but it didnt say anything up above it that I had exited the room. So at times it looks like others are in there with you but they arent so you sit there waiting for a reply or someone to talk to and they arent really there.
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Just checked out the chat room. Too cool :)
Great idea!!

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just check out chat room ..so cool but no one was in maybe not a good time
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chatthe chat will be great but no-one is ever in
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I go into the chat room and it shows people to be there, but no one answers when I say hello. Also, my computer keeps refreshing or something when I am in there. Is everyone's still doing that? I kind of thought it would work like yahoo messenger or something.

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that same thing happens to me it looks like people are in there and it also keeps refreshing
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Same here. It does seem to refresh and I get excited that someone might "really" be in there!! Then, nothing... :confused: I'm beginning to take it a little personal that no-one answers!! ;)
I hope to see some of you in there soon and get to know you all.
Until then,
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I found the easiest way to get your name gone from the chat room is to hit LOG OUT at the top right side of the page. This takes you to an error message. Just click on the Chefsuccess.com a Community for Pampered Chef Consultants at the top left and it will not officially log you out. Your name disappears in the chat room list.

What is the "Chat Room" feature and how does it work?

The "Chat Room" feature is a virtual space on the Pampered Chef website where consultants and customers can communicate with each other in real-time. To access it, simply click on the "Chat Room" button on the top menu bar. From there, you can join existing chat rooms or create your own. You can also send private messages to other users. This feature is great for asking questions, getting advice, and connecting with others in the Pampered Chef community.

Can I use the "Chat Room" on my mobile device?

Yes, the "Chat Room" is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Simply log into your Pampered Chef account on your mobile browser or through the app, and you will be able to use the "Chat Room" just like you would on a computer.

Is the "Chat Room" available in multiple languages?

At the moment, the "Chat Room" is only available in English. However, we are constantly working to expand our language options and hope to offer the feature in multiple languages in the future.

Can I use the "Chat Room" to sell products or advertise my business?

No, the "Chat Room" is meant for communication and connection, not for selling products or promoting businesses. Any unsolicited messages or advertisements may result in your account being suspended.

Is the "Chat Room" monitored for inappropriate content?

Yes, our team regularly monitors the "Chat Room" for any inappropriate or offensive content. We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive language. Any users found violating these guidelines may be permanently banned from the "Chat Room".

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