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Are all recipes really $15 for ingredients???


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Sep 7, 2005
Hi, I am brand new and have never done a show. I am doing a vendor show and we are splitting costs of food. One of them wants to know what costs are upfront? Since I will be making 4 appetizersand 4 desserts is it correct to say it will cost approx. $120 for all the ingredients??? Weird qustion I know-but since we tell the hostesses it will be $15 (f we buy ingredients for them)I am assuming all costs run the same amount? :confused:

thanks for any feedback!


Aug 20, 2005
it depends

I have found that some of the recipes can be a little more than the $15, but you also have to figure in that the host provides cups, plates, utinsils and any other appetizer/snack that they want to provide. I tell my hosts that extra food is not really necessary, but most end up making a vegatable tray or other chips etc.
The only thing that will be a benefit for you and your 8 recipe's is that most PC recipes call for a lot of the same ingredients (ie, you can buy a head of garlic and that will probably be enough) and you dont have to duplicate items at the grocery store.
Hope this helps and good luck on your vendor event! ;)
Oct 6, 2005
approaching hostesses about $

Hi all! I'm a rookie with PC & this website. I have only had one party so far and I have a question; not sure if this topic has been discussed. I have trouble with approaching potential hostesses about the $15 for the ingredients. I give them the choice of either me going to the store for them or they can get it themselves. Most have not had a problem at all, but then I do have those that are a bit taken aback by the fact "they have to pay". I think it's ridiculous and I explain to them how much they will get in return. I think it's the fact that they have to dish out that money up front not knowing what will definitely be coming to them. Any suggestions??? I would just like an easier or maybe smoother way to approach this. Thanks for any help. This site is great! :eek:


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Mar 13, 2005
For fall, I started offering to the hosts that I buy the ingredients for the recipe they choose. So far I have had no problems with them balking at the price of $15.00. One it saves them time, and I tell them that, they don't have to run to the store and get the "special" ingredients (then I also don't have to worry that they might buy the wrong ingredients). Each recipe might not cost $15, but at every show now I do a 2nd recipe (the cake in the rice cooker) so where can your host go, and only spend $15 to get 10-12 people fed??? Also just remind the host they are reimbursed that money through the hostess program. A girl on my team has been doing this since she started (in March) and it has worked great for her, she has done over 90 shows with no one complaining about the price.


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Feb 18, 2005
I have been taking the food to my parties (almost all of them and I'm on 29) and I think it works great. First of all the hosts don't have to do any running to the store and possibly purchase the wrong item. I don't have to send them a list of ingredients and go over it. I can prep many of the items at home before I leave so my set-up is a lot faster, which can help with recruiting (even though I don't have any yet). Usually I can purchase the items cheaper for the host because you sometimes purchase enough of one product for more then one recipe. I can usually save it for my next show (ex. cheese, garlic, peanuts).

The hosts have never complained about the price. I tell them I will pick up the food and they can just pay me the $15 Pampered Chef gives them for hosting the show. I also usually say, it it's less then that I'll only charge the actual cost, if it's more I'll still only charge you the $15. That way they know the budget. I of course leave all left-overs (even if I paid more then $15). I usually do the same recipe all month and I check prices at a few stores the month before so I know where to find the bargains. Many times I'll even buy ahead of time so I'm not running around at the last minute.

I usually buy store brand products and don't find any difference w/name brands except for the Pillsbury items. I try to purchse them w/coupons.

This does take a little more work on our part, but I feel much more comfortable at the hosts home because I'm not trying to hurry and prep food.

I hope this info. helps.

Happy Selling!

Rhonda B.

P.S. On a totally different note, I just had a customer call wanting me to do a fund raiser for her church!! I did a fund raiser for my Daughter's volleyball team. This was one of the Mother's. They were looking for ideas for fund raisers and she thought of me! I was so happy. Needelss to say if they go through with it I will buy her something special!