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Anyone want to lend me a booking or two in NJ to get me started?


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Apr 14, 2004
Thanks for joining Chef success and The Pampered Chef. We're excited for you. The best thing I can tell you to do in to read all the great ideas here and implement some of them. Also speak with your director an she should be able to give you some ideas.
Good Luck!
Mar 3, 2005
when I went and observed my director doing a party she at the end of the party said to the guests that they could either book with me or her and that is how I got my first booking
Feb 15, 2005
From what I understand, if you do (host) a kitchen show and have your director do it, you get all the bookings. She gets the commissions, but perhaps your ball will get rolling.

I didn't have alot of kitchen show bookings either. But I used my family, which is spread throughout the country and I have 7 catalog shows this month (my first one). I thought doing catalog shows right at first, would get me into the swing of things, and it has, cause now I am booking kichen shows for April. maybe that will help ya. :)
Mar 5, 2005
You could also set up a table at a craft fair. Look in the newspaper to see if there are any going on in your area. Some schools have spring festivals. Also ask everyone you know. Even if it's a catalog show, it's still a show!! Also ask your family and friends to do one. I've given my fiance the book to take to work several times and this has been successful! I am also in NJ!! Good luck!
Feb 4, 2005
Thanks for the replies :)

Thanks for replying everyone! I surely appreciate the feedback. Things are beginning to move slowly for me now. It's taken a lot of promotional work and a driving attitude, but I have my first table show April 2nd, my first Fundraiser on April 9th and lo and behold, my first kitchen show on April 18th. LOL I've done a few catalog shows already so am on my way. ;)
Apr 1, 2005
Going back to the Basics

When you first started your business, Pampered Chef puts this little book in your paperwork called "The Welcome Booklet". Pampered Chef wants us to go back to the basics. Everyone knows 100+ people. Go to that part of the welcome booklet and start making your list and then call people. It is not up to any consultants to give you shows so you can get started. Work with your recruiter, director, anyone that can give you great suggestions..this site. Ask everyone you call for referrals!!!

Good luck