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Anyone in Canada have success at craft fairs?

Jul 22, 2005
I am tapped out for bookings and need to come up with something asap. Now is the season for Craft Sales and the such. Anybody have any luck with these? What did you do that made it work for you?

Need help & advice asap. If I'm going to do this I need to book some tables now.

Thanks in Advance!


Jun 5, 2005
I've done a couple already and I use a draw for free kitchen shows to get peoples names and numbers and when they fill out for the draw I give them a catalogue. That way I know I have their names and can call back to see if they wanted anything out of the catalogue and to tell them they won the kitchen show. I put 5 free kitchen shows if a few people know each other they are not wondering how two people won it. Whatever gets your name out there is great. Try to find the ones that have alot of traffic with little cost. At the next one I am doing I am giving everyone who orders free shipping to get some sales. hope that helps a bit. Where are you from by the way?
May 2, 2005
One thing that I learnt at conference in July was: "Booking Bags" they seem to FLY for me at my show's...I have never been to a craft fair--I want to but can't seem to get there in time!
But I do the booking bag at all my shows and I always walk out with a booking or two or three!

What it is: take a gift bag and put in it: your package for a show(catalogues, outside order forms,etc etc...than I always give a little gift)
Now for craft shows the suggestion was, to Display like 10-15 of them with all different dates(your available) on the outside of them! Than when they pick a bag they get a FREE little something with their package and all!

On the booking table, you can have them fill out a ballot and when they have
chosen their date they can be entered into a draw for a PRIZE! (your choice of prize) I always do a basket!
Good luck to you!
I have more I think, I will post when I think of them & find them!