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6 Months Into This and Still No Bookings....soooo Frustrated!!!

it just wasn't enough to generate any leads. When I was out of the hospital, I decided to call all my customers and invite them to my house for a potluck/show. It was so much fun and it really helped me get my business back on track!If you don't have any friends or family that are willing to help out, then you may need to consider holding your own show. It can be a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it to get your business off the ground. Good luck!
Hi - I signed at the beginning of March and my original bookings either cancelled, or turned out to be catalog shows due to host emergencies, etc. I had one KS that didn't cancel but after driving 2 hours to get there, nobody showed up! :mad: Other than that 1 non-party, I have only had 4 catalog shows. So I am still waiting to do my 1st real kitchen show! The one person in my area that I do know, already has a consultant (her best friend signed around the same time I did.) I don't know anyone else where I live and don't know what to do.. I had nothing in August and have nothing scheduled for September either. No one wants to book. I have a few ex-coworkers that are placing outside orders for the new products come 9/1 but refuse to book shows. How do I generate more leads?... My director has suggested doing a show at my house, but like I said, I don't know anyone in the area and am at a loss... I've got a decal on my car window with my website and email.... I printed 350 door hangers and distributed those in my area and also in a few huge town home communities. I've done the flyer distribution at the mall (car windows) quite a few times now with no response at all. And every time I go to department stores, I put a flyer in each of the dressing room stalls and also in the restroom couch areas (Got that idea from here!) but again, no takers. I am going to a few hair and nail salons next week to see if I can leave my catalogs for their clients and will try to do the same at the eye dr's.
Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
When you've handed out the hundreds of flyers in your neighborhood, have you ever followed back up with people? In person or via the phone? I've found that a lot of times, it's wasted $$ and paper unless you're able to follow up with them. Just like sending out catalogs in the mail to people-even those who request it. You need to follow up if you want it to turn into anything like orders or bookings. I learned that after wasting lots of $$! It's pretty rare that someone will just call you up out of the blue unless you kind of put the bug in their ear and remind them about it.

That is just one suggestion. There are such great ideas on this website...especially about fundraisers. Maybe do a search in that tool bar up there for "fundraisers" because I know there have been some good ones about approaching school PTO's to see if they're interested. Call local charities and talk up the PC fundraiser. Keep doing what you're doing in terms of getting your name out there, though. Just see if you can personally follow up with people!! If it comes down to it, "beg" your friends who you know like PC if they're willing to place orders! Good luck!
Did you call all the people who placed orders from the catalog shows. I always do this, and it helps. I have gotten a couple bookings this way. Good luck.

Debbie :)

Look for fairs and festivals in your area...during the fall season you should find many of them (check in your local newspapers or at the Chamber of Commerce). Set up a table and offer a prize drawing to obtain leads and do the follow up. If they didn't win the "official" prize, tell everyone they've won a free kitchen show! When I started my business, this really helped me get off the ground (I was a slow starter, too, but still here after almost 5 years!)and when I moved my business to a new state, I was able to get my first bookings in my new town this way.

If you are considering hosting your own show in your neighborhood, go door to door when you have a good chance of catching some of your neighbors at home. Personally invite them, hand them an invitation and be sure to make reminder calls the day before your show. It's what we tell our hosts to do and it really makes a difference in attendance.

Good luck!! We're rooting for you!

Mystery Host PartyI have to agree with your director about holding your own kitchen show. I also had a really hard time getting my friends and family to stay committed. I started PC in April and in May ended up in the hospital in pre-trem labor. I only had 1-2 shows a month and got NO bookings. I didn't restart my business until the middle of July, and I had a Mystery Host Party (For every $25 in product purchased. I put a slip with their name on it for the Mystery Host Drawing). I played 3 different games and then had an auction at the end of the show. I also made a Top 10 reasons to come invitation, and sent 1 to everyone I know (including neighbors). I got 3 bookings from that show. So far my shows are now getting atleast 1 booking per show. My August calendar only had 2 shows (1 of which is tomorrow and she says she already has someone to book a show from her) but my September calendar has 3 shows and 2 fair booths.

I'm also going to change the message on my answering machine so it says something about leaving your name, number and address if you would like a catalog and adding the monthly specials also. (I got that advice from another consultant)

Good Luck!!!!!! ;)
Sounds great!! I am having my first mystery host show in September. When I first started out I tried to have my own show, but no one showed up. How many people came to your show? I am inviting some neighbors, friends and customers from a couple of my shows. I think the guest special for September is awesome, and I really think everyone will take advantage. I am soooo pumped about September. Good Luck!!! :D
Tonight we had a voice mail message left on our machine from a woman..it started off..."Hello, my name is Jane Doe. I'm calling about a letter I recently sent to you in the mail. I'm not sure if you received it, or recall receiving it, but......." Well, I'm sure we didn't receive it, and not so sure she even sent one...but it was a good lead in to the call. It was for a dating service. I played a little joke on DH and saved it and told him there was a message for him from a woman. Anyway, the point I'm taking so long to get to is, perhaps try something similar...and save your money in sending out the flyers...just pretend like you did.

You can do a reverse search on the internet for people on your street and voila! you have last names and telephone numbers.

When we first moved into the neighbourhood, the first lady I met was our Avon lady. She came over with a lovely gift basket and a cheerful "hello, welcome to the neighbourhood". I was so touched by her thoughtfulness. I've bought more from her since I moved here than I have ever bought from Avon..and I was even an Avon rep. myself at one point.

I'm in a rut too right now. This brainstorming has lifted my spirits - I hope it lifts yours too! :D
DebbieSM said:
Sounds great!! I am having my first mystery host show in September. When I first started out I tried to have my own show, but no one showed up. How many people came to your show? I am inviting some neighbors, friends and customers from a couple of my shows. I think the guest special for September is awesome, and I really think everyone will take advantage. I am soooo pumped about September. Good Luck!!! :D

I actually only had 6 guests for my show and 2 outside orders. It was a $250 show. I made the Fiesta and Farmer's Market dips. I also made 3 different variations of the beer bread and used the Good Company Tea to make Iced Tea. I talked about the recipes and the products I used instead of making a recipe and then we ate and played games. It was lots of fun. I posted my PC auction dollars in the files section if you choose to do the auction. They are small but they work great I used them at 2 different shows so far and a show coming up next month that the host has requested to have an auction at her show.
Good Luck on your mystery host show and let me know how it goes. :)
Be a walking advertisementI feel your pain... I started in March and then did a personal waiver for July and August to have my baby...I had no real bookings set up for Sept before I stopped doing shows in June and so I didn't know where my business was going to come from... I was so bummed and frustrated... I too am new to my area and didn't know anyone..

My suggestion came from my director...try to buy something...a tote bag, a shirt, etc. to be a walking advertisement...it does two things... you start to feel proud of PC and people do approach you. I must admit that the flyer leaving tactic really does not work so well (as everyone already stated) b/c people rarely feel comfortable just calling someone up or feel like they NEED the product you are selling...you have to create the need for them by person to person contact.

There is not one foolproof way to get bookings... it really is a combination of throwing many things out there and hoping something will stick..your job is to try something every single day.. call every single customer who purchased at the catalog show and be excited about the specials!!

One thing that has turned things around for me is my approach about bookings, etc. I now believe in my heart that I am doing everyone I approach a favor by asking them to host a PC party...they are not doing me a favor!! I benefit from them having a party, but it really is for them to get some great kitchen essentials, with a fantastic warranty and free and discounted stuff..SO instead of the attitude like "Please host a show with me, I need a show, I want my business to grow, yadda yadda" my attitude is "I don't want you to miss out on our Stoneware sale, you shouldn't pay full price for anything in the catalog, you will love a get together in your house, etc...THE ATTITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING!!

In 2 weeks, I have gotten 5 bookings for Sept. and just got my first recruit on Thursday...and I met her at Walmart while shopping with my tote bag on..she stopped me, asked if I sold, and I had a catalog to give her, asked her for her name and number and called in 2 days.. the rest is history!!

Sorry so long... but you really should try EVERYTHING!! Dust off yesterday and start again fresh tomorrow..knowing that you are providing a great service to people... they would be foolish not to host!!!!!!
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Phone Book / LibraryEarlier in the year I visited my local library and found a listing of women's groups. I wrote about 6 or 7 letters explaining about the Fund Raisers and got one reply from a local Catholic Church. I did a £200 (not great I know!)fund-raiser for them, and got two bookings, one for another fund-raiser for another church group and one for a Kitchen Show (both for September).

I also send a letter round to schools in my area offering the Fund Raiser, and also asking if I could have a table at their summer shows. I did attend one school fayre and got a couple of bookings. I am going to try the schools again as I think the timing was wrong. Just as the kids start back to school is the best time as there may be new PTA members looking for new ideas for the coming year.

Try this - you never know. I was advised to ring the school first to get the name of the person responsible rather than sending too generic a letter.

Hope this helps.

Yvonne :)
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:D Well things are looking up a bit... The last lady who cancelled on me (due to health reasons), well her daughter emailed me today and said that SHE wants to book for October. I shared with her the Septmebr Specials trying to sway her to book for September instead and she said she would. She just has to double check on a couple of dates with her hubby! It was such a great surprise to get her email today because that is one person I hadn't even talked to before... I don't even know her... And her mom is someome that used to work in my building but I didn't even meet her until my last day there!

The daughter is very familiar with PC, has lots of products, and has hosted 3 shows before (over a year ago.) She was excited when I told her about the newer host program and she may even turn into a recruit (single mom needs more $$$ and a night out!)

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They say always ask for referrals. Just as the mom mentioned it to the daughter, guests at your show will talk to friends. Ask guests if they want to host a show. If they aren't interested, say, "I do appreciate referrals. I am always looking for new friends and new hosts. If you know anyone that might be interested in having a kitchen show and receiving free products, would you mind passing along my business card to them." Then, give them a couple of cards to take with them. (This has worked for me once so far)
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SchoolsWhat about going to local schools and offering the fund raiser idea? Or even talking to your kids teacher/s and asking them if they'd be interested in earning a ton of FREE products by hosting a Kitchen Show; and if not, ask them if they'd be willing to leave a couple of catalogs in the breakroom. Make up little goodie bags with one or two pieces of candy, your business card and a coupon and give to everyone you come in contact with, especially the ones you see all of the time (bank, grocery store, nail/hair/tanning salons, etc.). The coupon can be something they get when they host a Kitchen Show. I've gotten one booking from this so far, and just started doing it last week! People are excited to get gifts! :) I hope something happens for you. I know it will! Just keep trying.
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Great ideas...It does seem daunting sometimes when you're trying to come up with ideas for bookings. Thanks everyone for all the different ideas, literally if not for the information I've gotten from this site, I probably never would have signed up. I've only done 2 shows so far (both $500 shows) and I get so excited for my hosts (everyone thinks I'm excited about the commission, which is nice too) but I really feel great about helping people get FREE STUFF. :)
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Well I'm much more positive about it today! I asked the host to email me her guest list, but also told her that if it was easier for her, she could just input her guests names on my website and I would take care of the rest... Well, for the heck of it I went online tonight to see if she had entered any.. and she had! And she sent out all the e-vites too! AND 5 people had responded within 15 minutes of her sending them! YAY!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much everyone for your words of wisdom and encouragement! I sooo appreciate you all and this site! Think my tide is FINALLY turning! :D
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Mel,I'm glad things are looking up don't forget to push that theme show binder. It has sure helped me.
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I am so happy to hear that everything is getting better. Remember that things always sem to work themselves out. I had 2 people cancel for me this month, then I had one person call me for a fundraiser and one person call me to book a show. Keep positive and Good Luck.

Debbie :D
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1. What are some reasons why I may not be getting any bookings after 6 months with Pampered Chef?

There could be a variety of reasons why you may not be getting bookings after 6 months with Pampered Chef. Some potential factors to consider are your network size, marketing strategies, and follow-up techniques. It's also possible that your potential customers may not be familiar with Pampered Chef or may not be interested in hosting a party at this time.

2. How can I expand my network and reach new potential customers?

One way to expand your network and reach new potential customers is to utilize social media platforms. Create a business page for your Pampered Chef business and regularly post about products, promotions, and parties. You can also attend local events or collaborate with other small businesses to reach new audiences.

3. Are there any marketing materials or resources provided by Pampered Chef to help me get more bookings?

Yes, Pampered Chef offers a variety of marketing materials and resources to help consultants get more bookings. These include product catalogs, party invitations, and digital assets that can be shared on social media. You can also reach out to your upline for personalized support and advice.

4. How important is it to follow up with potential customers after they have expressed interest in hosting a party?

Following up with potential customers is crucial in generating bookings. Many people may be interested in hosting a party but may forget or get busy with other things. By following up with them, you can remind them of the benefits of hosting a Pampered Chef party and help them schedule a date that works for them.

5. What are some creative ways to incentivize people to book a Pampered Chef party with me?

Offering incentives is a great way to encourage people to book a Pampered Chef party with you. Some creative ideas include offering a free product or discount for the host, hosting a themed party (such as a cooking class or holiday-themed party), or offering a raffle for all attendees. You can also collaborate with other consultants to offer a joint party with a larger variety of products and incentives.

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