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2 first shows


Aug 20, 2005
Well, this is my first post to this site, however I've been with you guys for over a month now, surfing and getting all of the great information that you eagerly supply! I joined PC as a consultant last month, but Sept. is my 1st SS month. Yesterday was my very first show! I was stressed to the max before hand, but it went very well. (At least I didnt break anything or spill anything on myself or anyone else)Initially my host thought she would have about 12 guests, ended up with 8 counting her and the sales were not that great; $257. But she's going to work on outside sales before we close, so hopefully that will go UP! And I got one booking! Then, I had my second show today...well, the host coaching was difficult, I could never get in touch with him (yeah, a guy) but I though he would have a good turnout, NO, we only had 5 including the host. And his show total is not enough to count as a show yet (just by a few dollars), but he is going to try to get outside orders this week since his wish list is very long! The best part though, I got 2 bookings! :)
Since I'm past the hurdle of the first shows I'm a little more at ease and really excited about my new business. And I really wanted to share that with you all! :D


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May 6, 2005
Way to go!! I think those are GREAT first shows. The sales may not have been through the roof, but bookings speak a lot!!! You must have made the show fun and made it appealing to people so they'd want to own the products...and earn them for free! Doesn't it feel good to have the first couple under your belt? It only gets easier from here on out. Congrats! :)