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  1. varga11

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Thanks I will pass it on! Was it in a cookbook or seasons best?
  2. varga11

    Chicken Pot Pie

    I am looking for a chicken pot pie recipe. One of the ladies at a show said she had it at a show about 7 years ago and she still remembers it. I was hoping someone would have it. Thanks!:chef:
  3. varga11

    Ultimate Banana Split Cake?

    So I was going through my postcards invites trying to use them up and I find this one that says "A Taste Of Summer". I thought I would use it for my open house. It has a yummy pic of the ultimate banana split cake on it and I thought I should make it for the openhouse. Now I can not find the...
  4. varga11

    I don't want to go inactive!! My two months were up last month and I

    I don't want to go inactive!! My two months were up last month and I requested a waiver so I have to submit 200 this month!! I am soo stressed about having nothing working! I have been so sick for 2 months now, in and out of the doctors test after test and still we dont know what is wrong...
  5. varga11

    Even more product pictures...

    I would LOVE it in all white. Who knows maybe if this sells well they will do it with the white too!
  6. varga11

    I made a decsion!

    Leadership Good luck!! I have made the same decision. So I guess I will see you in Ohio!!
  7. varga11

    What to talk about?

    Before I went to conference one of my past host called to discuss possibly becoming a consultant. I talked to her a little bit and told her I was going conference and we set a date to meet this week. Well I called on Monday to confirm and she said yes she does want to do it. So I just need to...
  8. varga11

    No More Nancy's

    I think if you haven't let them know you are not happy then you should. If they truly take us into consideration then they should have been prepared for our feed back on this issue. I really hope that they spoke to consultants before ending the contract and not just had it be a higher end...
  9. varga11

    No More Nancy's

    Disappointing :( I just got off the phone with Nancy’s and I am so mad I could cry. I just asked if it was a mutual decision. It was not. I knew it wasn’t but I was hoping maybe… I can not believe PC would do this. Nancy loves PC have you ever met her at conference? She is one of the...
  10. varga11

    Happy Hour

    I did Yes I did see that invitaion. It could work. I was just wondering if someone had something a different.
  11. varga11

    Happy Hour

    I am looking for an invitation to a happy hour or appetizer show. I have a show coming up for a friday at 5:15. She was thinking of having everyone stop by on their way home for appetizers. I am not sure if she will have drinks or not. I usually make my own invitations but tonight I can not...
  12. varga11

    Replacing your kit after 300th show question

    Since there is a new starter kit, when we reach our 200th kitchen show will we be able to buy the new kit or will it still be the kit we started with?
  13. varga11

    Superbowl theme express show

    fluted micro cake definately use the frosting it will be wonderful!! I make it all the time with the frosting and everyone raves about how wonderful it is!
  14. varga11

    APO help

    Thank you Thanks so much that is what I thought. I needed confirmation! Is shipping 15%?
  15. varga11

    APO help

    I don't know if this is the right category, but here is my question. How do I find out the Tax? My sister-in-law is stationed in Germany and wants to place an order. I went to the tax rate guide to try and figure it out but it says no records match. Her address is APO, AE. Can anyone help me?