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What have you been selling lately? I have sold alot of Easy Clean


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Jan 4, 2005
What have you been selling lately? I have sold alot of Easy Clean Kitchen Brushes this month to go along with Fluted Pans - the brushes really get into the grooves of the pans well - easier than the scraper. Just thought I'd pass along the tip!


Great Idea!!

That's a great idea on the kitchen brush to go with the fluted stone. I'll have to suggest that tonite at a show I have. Thanks for the idea!!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Currently selling

I've been selling alot of the Kitchen Spritzers and Prep Bowl sets. Personally, I have 2 sets of the Prep Bowls. I love them. I use the Spritzer filled with the Basil Blend Canola Oil and spray into the Prep Bowl to demonstrate the misting that occurs. Then I pass around the bowl so they all can smell the Canola Oil.

Not high priced stuff, but at my last show in August almost everyone there bought a Spritzer. I sold 9 of them. They are $10.00 a piece so that's not so bad!!

My guests can't get over the look of the microwave cake and so I have discontinued doing that at shows. Way to go...those of you having success making that cake!