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What goes with dill dip?

Nov 13, 2005
What do you typically serve with the dill dip--veggies, potato chips? Any suggestions!

And what do people usually think of the dip's flavor? Dill is new to me. But I'm thinking of making some dip for my first open house. I only have a sample though, so it's not enough to make a trial dip and have enough left for the open house.

Oct 3, 2005
I always serve Dill dip in a round bread and cut up the inside to dip in the dip. I also cut up rye bread to dip to.
As far as the flavor I love it.


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
YUCK! I hated the dill dip! I made it with some samples I got and thought it was awful! We threw it away!


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Feb 14, 2005
:D We are big fans of the dill dip. I love to take it to parties. It is usually the first thing to go. Try it with crinkle cut carrots or crackers.


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Oct 6, 2005
Wow, we love the dill here!

I made the dill dip and the tomato herb dip from the Farmer's Market set and served them with pretzels. Or you can serve them with veggies or even those cracker sticks they sell now.

Yum! Everyone loved them!


Jul 6, 2005
Love the Dill dip !

Maybe you didnt let it sit a little while to let the flavors mix ? We all love it i serve it all the time !! We use veggies with the crinkle cutter as well ! carrots, cucumber , whatever else !
Nov 23, 2005
I do the carrot inside the cucumber trick. Then use my crinkle cutter to cut it so the dip sticks better. The longer you let it sit in the fridge the better it tastes IMO. :D


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May 6, 2005
Everyone I know who's had it has liked it. It always goes over well when the host makes this at shows. And, yes, to get the best result you want it to chill for a couple hours. You can also bake the Beer Bread and cut it up into cubes and people can dip it. The dill by itself is great on salmon or in some kind of sauce to serve with it on the side. :)

Happy Mom

Aug 11, 2005
Cut vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes are good will dill dip. Crackers or crusty breads work well, too.

Dill is an acquired taste. If you are new to dill, start by halving the amount used in the dill dip. This will give a more subtle flavor. Also add a bit of lemon juice to mellow the flavor.


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Jul 23, 2005
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

I find that the kids LOVE the dill dip!!! I have made the dill dip for every kitchen show I have done and it has been the first to go. I always serve with fresh veggies (on the chillzane server) and chips. You can also mix in a small amount with your salmon sandwhiches, even as a spread on burgers :D


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Nov 9, 2005
I love the dill dip!

I make the dill dip and southwestern dip at all my shows. I tell the host it is something quick and easy to make and things go further. I make 1/2 c. mayo, 1/2 c. sour cream, and 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. instead of the suggested 3 tsp. since I am halving it. If you think about it...it makes a cup of dip of each one and at parties they usually go light with everything they put on their plate and the host has some left over to share with her family or co-workers for later. I tell them I suggest plain Ruffles chips, veggies, beer bread (occassionally I will make them a sample if it is going to be a large crowd or a high dollar show), or even Ritz crackers or Wheat Thins are good. I have had a few say it was not a taste they liked, but they do usually like one or the othe other. :)

Angela Roark
Future Director
Corning, AR


Aug 24, 2005
I've heard from several friends how much they like the dill dip. Me, not so much. It's not PC's dill seasoning, dill's just not my favorite taste. Now, the dip made with the southwestern seasoning--mmmm, can't get enough of that!!!

Anyway, back to the dill...I've seen people serve it with a sturdy white bread (like country white, if you know what I mean) and also with the standard veggie tray--carrots, brocolli, sugar pea pods, cauliflower, etc.