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What else should I add to my pampered chef collection?

In summary, this woman has $300 worth of kitchen equipment and she is SO tempted to spend it on KE. She's confident she will get at least $200 more in savings, so she's not looking to buy any new cookware at this time. She does have the following items: a stackable cooling rack, three stainless mixing bowls, a cookie press, a BBQ grill tray, flexible turner, basting brush, cleaning brush, a meat tenderizer, two chefs' tongs, a business supply list, and Mix n Chop.
I have $300 PC and I'm SO tempted to use them. I'm confident I'll get at least $200 more to save for KE.

This is what I have now and I'm not looking to double:
All the stuff in the [full size] new consultant kit.
Trifle bowl, adjustable tiered tower, and the cake pedestal.
Salad & Berry Spinner
Stainless Mixing Bowls, Small Batter Bowl, Pinch Bowls.
Medium Sheet Pan
Cookie Press
Stackable Cooling Rack (x3)
Tool Turn About, Specialty Nylon Tool Set, all the classic scrapers, Mix n Chop.
Bamboo Med Square Bowl, Small Snack Bowls, Salad Claws, Grinder set, Spoon set, Specialty cooking set spatulas.
Dots Beverage Glasses
BBQ Grill Tray, flexible turner, basting brush, cleaning brush.
The color coated tomato, chefs, utility, and santoku knives.
I have a decent stock of spices and I just bought beer bread, it's on it's way. I also have 29 mins to dinner & Simply Sweet cookbooks.
I have the DCB & the medium round stone.
I also have the collapsible bowls, several i-slice, and two bar boards.
I have a lot but not everything!! :rolleyes:

I'm not looking to buy any cookware at this time because my husband will be buying that for my birthday next year ;) and I'm going to buy knives for KE.

So the only thing on the list so far is the stainless colandars. I might buy sample kit A from the fall/winter new products. ($140ish)

What else do I want?? :D What do you think I should buy?
Help me build my wish/dream list!!
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Mix N' Chop. 1 for the pc bag and 1 for the kitchen.

DCB if you don't have it. Stoneware fluted pan - 12 min. cakes. I always sell when I demo them.

Chef tongs. LOVE THESE.

Bar board
All The Best Cookbook--my fav.!
Mini Whisk
Small BB
Collapsible Bowls, while I don't use them in my own kitchen I always get orders for them if I demo it.
cut n' seal
My son loves the easy opener b/c he can open soda on his own..a little too convenient sometimes :)
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Silly me. I was trying to list off the top of my head. I have the mix n chop and the DCB. I also have the collapsible bowls, several i-slice, the small BB, and two bar boards. LOL!
I'll update my list.
if you can wait, hold on to your PC bucks for KE month...you'll get way more bang for your "buck" (so to speak)...
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nikked said:
if you can wait, hold on to your PC bucks for KE month...you'll get way more bang for your "buck" (so to speak)...

Yea, I think I'm going to buy the colandars now and get my fall/winter sample pack now and call it good.

I just want to see what people recommend as a wish list so I can decide what I want once KE comes around.
Remember that you will get TWO Kit Enhancements! Your New Consultant one and the regular April one. If you wait, you can get so much more for free with your PC dollars. ;)I like having all the cookbooks! And I take them to every show. People love browsing through them! :D
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Well I can't wait for the samples, I only have 6 weeks to order them from sign up date. And I NEED colandars. I have a set of crappy, orange, metal ones and the paint is chipping and they're rusting. My mom bought them at a garage sale.
I think that's why I'll buy those two things and call it good. I might even wait on the colandars. LOL
You will love the metal colanders. I was skeptical, but I ended up loving the small one. I also use the largest strainer with handle #2606 a LOT.
Another vote for getting more of the cookbooks.
The meat tenderizer I use weekly, kitchen brush to save my nails when cleaning stones. Chef's tongs - I have two of them because one is always in the dishwasher.
my host at thanksgiving showed me these great colanders, made me really want them. I said where'd you get them, she said they're yours, they're PC!! (she didn't say dork, but it was understood!) lolthe only other thing is business supplies. anything you need?
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I think the thing(s) that I love the most is the stoneware!!! I've got two round stones that I've had about 12 years...way before I was a consultant. They're the things that started this whole addiction for me! I've also got the fluted stone that I love to make the "magic" cakes in! I'm hoping to add a rectangle baker (the glazed one) to my collection in January. The small bar pan is another that I'll probably get pretty soon, too. Many people talk about how much they love theirs because it will fit in the microwave and the toaster oven.
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Oh, yes! If you are getting 1/2 priced fall items, your PC dollars will go further too! ;)
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Oh wait, you don't have the DCB? You'll love that one and use it a lot! ;)
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I do have the DCB Sheila. Jon and I love that thing so much we were literally LOST without it while we were on vacation!

Okay.. So I'm putting in an order for Sample Kit A (the big one with almost all the new products) and the Flexible Cutting Mats Open Stock (surprised they aren't included in Kit A?)
It comes to just over $162. So glad I just saved over 50% and got nearly ALL the new products. I'm excited because I really wanted the new soups cookbook and the more weekday dinners done.
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and don't forget also- that you can use your $$ for conference, or spring samples in February (that you don't earn). You don't have to spend them all at once either...so get a little now that you MUST have.
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That's so true Bobbi! Since I only plan on getting the knives and anything else that anyone suggests that I agree is a must have for KE, I'll likely use them on spring samples!
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esavvymom said:
and don't forget also- that you can use your $$ for conference, or spring samples in February (that you don't earn).

You don't have to spend them all at once either...so get a little now that you MUST have.

Yup these would be my two ideas!
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I'd get cookbooks. Those are one thing that I always bring to shows - and I sell a ton of cookbooks. I pass them around for people to look through during the show.

All The Best (my best seller)
29 Minutes to Dinner Vol. 1& II
Simply Sweet
Holiday Cookbook (can't remember the title)
Appetizer Cookbook
Vegetarian Cookbook
Soups Stews and Chilis

These are the ones I always have with me.
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What is KE???
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WendyE said:
What is KE???

Kit Enhancement. Every April (AND the fourth full month for new consultants) we can send in ONE personal order for 40% off everything.
-I believe it's limit one of each/any item though.-
You could literally buy the whole catalog for 40% off. It's nice for getting extra things you want and can wait for.
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Wendy, you have to be active (at least $150 in sales) in your 1st, 2nd & 3rd full month to qualify for the 4th month Kit Enhancement. ;)

Your welcome e-mail from the Home Office should say which month is the 4th one for you. ;)
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Oooooooooo! Wow! I am excited now! Gonna start savin' and dreamin'!!! So my fourth month will be Feb. Will I also have the option in Apr or not until the next Apr?
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Yes, you'll get it twice in your first year, congrats! :D I had to have the knife block. And the bowls. And the trifle bowl. And and and...I had so much stuff that I went waaaay past the maximum you can order.
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I bought the big sample package A for the new fall/winter products and I LOVE it! I absolutely love getting so many things for 1/2 price!!
I got it via FedEx today and it was SOOO fun unpacking it all!!

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