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Well, I guess this is it...


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Mar 17, 2006
Unless I miscounted, as of Nov 1st I will no longer be a Consultant.

I have actually been thinking this would happen sometime in the past 3 years. Amazingly, without even trying, I have managed to somehow stay active. About 3 years ago I decided that I would let my business phase out...never thinking it would take this long.:)

I am a little sad now that it is actually here, but a little relieved, too.

Since I am NOT interested in doing shows and am not actively seeking shows...it was actually more of a hassle to be a Consultant. People at work know I do Pampered Chef so I would always get asked to do returns, or order replacement parts. I can't tell you how many times someone pulls me aside to tell me about a product they DON'T like. I think they think I am going to offer to return it. Many of these items are years old or bought at yard sales! :eek: In fact, last month a co-worker asked me for a catalog. I was excited until I found out she was invited to a party and the Consultant wouldn't give the host extra catalogs! Well, why should I supply a Catalog for YOUR show? YOU need to foot the bill on the catalogs if you want to MAKE MONEY.

Any way, it is those kind of things that make me glad to be done. It would be different if I was active in the business.

But, this was my choice, so it's OK.

BUT...I will no longer have access to the host and guest special flyers or specials or recruiting pdfs to make the flyers.

I am willing to continue making the flyers - if people are still interested, but someone will need to email me the pdfs.


Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
It's tough making difficult decisions. Sounds like you've thought it all the way through. I sure hope you do stick around here. You're a big part of the community :)


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Dec 6, 2005
Let me echo Greg's sentiments. We'd miss you if you left us. I understand about letting your business go. Sounds like it's no longer your passion. I also understand about the weirdos. There's a woman I know, I love her, but she finds it necessary to tell me about every item she buys for pennies on the dollar at yard sales. Well, good for you. But, that doesn't help me. LOL!

As someone who has benefited from your amazing skills, I'd be happy to share the specials with you as they become available. Of course, you'd be handicapped by the fact that I'm not always the first to check for those things. Someone else might be quicker on the draw.


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Apr 14, 2004
Wishing you all the best! Certainly understand you decision. When it's time- it's time. I will try and email you the specials. Your filers are amazing!
Thank you so much for all you've contributed and it's so nice of you to volunteer to keep doing them.
Sep 30, 2011
Kathleen, I'm back on Chef Success after several months absence and just saw your post. I'm sorry you won't be a consultant any longer, but SO APPRECIATE the fact you offered to continue to do flyers. I use your 3 month flyer all the time (when I'm activity pursuing my business!) and love having all that info in one place. THANK YOU!!!!! Your effort creates a fabulous tool for us to share with hosts and guests.
Jul 15, 2016
I hate to see anyone leave this business. I've thought about it myself because I deal with chronic pain daily and cannot be as active as I use to. It's frustrating that PChef keeps making me start over when I have a flare up and have to put it on hold. I have a total of 17 years and I just recently had to start over AGAIN!! I had just gotten back up to $20,000. Oh well!!
Can someone help me. I'm having trouble finding a flyer that will help me. I want something to attach to old/expired (well not too old, just expired) catalogs that I can leave in public places. Like offices, breakrooms, laundromats, etc. can you tell me what to do please? Thanks! Bobbie


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Nov 4, 2005
Welcome to the club, Kathleen. My business slid into oblivion several years ago, when I was traveling for my other job. It was tough to schedule shows in southeastern Wisconsin when I was in Ohio or West Virginia. I've been staying here for two reasons - the obvious reason is following the story of Paige but the other reason is following the adventures. There sure are a lot of former members I miss up here, too. (Where are you Janet, Ann and Leggy?)