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Pampered Chef: Tips for a home show bingo?

  1. pc_am1

    pc_am1 Guest

    I am a new consultant and a few friends of mine who are consultants of other companies (Mary Kay, Avon, Stampin Up, and Home Interiors) are having a home show bingo on 11/11. I need any ideas you have. I went to a similar home show bingo 3 years ago but PC was not represented.

    We are thinking of charging $10 per ticket and having 5 games per consultant for bingo prizes and also having 1 or 2 door prizes.

    1) what should I use as prizes?
    2) what should I present?
    3) What specials should I offer to people who place an order or book that night?
    4) Any other ideas ?
    5) should I give a catalog (even summer catalogs if I can buy them from consultants before 11/11) to each person who attends (we hope to have at least 50 people or should I order mini-catalogs?

    Oct 17, 2005
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