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Taste of Home Cooking Show Results: 800+ Tickets Sold and Counting!

In summary, the Taste of Home Cooking show had 800+ tickets sold and the booth I had was allowed to have two tables set up in an L shape. I displayed all the new fall products, plus had survey slips to be filled out for a drawing. I gave away the new Cranberry Bar Board, the Butternut Bar Board and the Leaf & Stripe towel set. I also had a side table set up with the white SA with the stripe place mat and set out the new striped SA. It was really busy and people loved the new linens.
I had a booth at the Taste of Home Cooking show Tuesday night. There were 800+ tickets sold. I was allowed to have two tables set up in an L shape. My table across the top, I displayed all the new fall products, plus had survey slips to be filled out for a drawing. I gave away the new Cranberry Bar Board, the Butternut Bar Board and the Leaf & Stripe towel set. On the side table, I decorated it like a dinning room table. On one half, I set up the white SA with the stripe place mat and set out the white rectangle SA in the new basket. I decorated it with candles and fall flowers like what is show in the catalog. Then on the other half, I flipped the placemat over and set up the new stripped SA. You would not believe how many people liked those. They were going nuts. The survey slips I used were ones that I had found on here. I believe under a thread about Fairs. It's the one that is 4 on a sheet and they can circle Yes, No or Maybe to the questions. Well, when I got home I stayed up until I went through all the slips. All the ones that were all No's I put in one pile and anything that had a Yes or Maybe went in another pile. Ok, are you ready for the results? I ended up with 192 slips that said yes or maybe on them. I have A LOT of phone calls to make. Out of those, I had about 1 dozen people put Yes that they were interested in selling, and about 2 dozen put maybe they were interested in selling. The rest were, kitchen shows, catalog shows and just wanting to place an order. If you all don't hear from me for about a month, you know what I will be doing.
Wow! That's amazing! I was just looking into doing a Taste of Home show, and those results are fantastic! Can you give us more details on how you did the show--who you got in touch with, how much was the space rent, how was it organized, etc.

Have a great time with your calls, and thanks for the idea on setting up a "table" with our new linens!
thanks for that info i am doing the taste of home cooking show tonight i am really excited i do have stuff to sell so they will be able to take it home with them i am hoping to get some good leads from this I will let you guys know how i did after tonight
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The town next to the one I live in has been having these shows every two years for about 10 years. I have gone several times to watch the show, so I knew there were booths that would be set up. I know it's always in October and it was going to be this year so I started checking the Taste of Home website for the schedule. It turns out they released the schedule the same time our newspaper put out the add for it. The local newspaper is the main sponsor. As soon as I saw the add, I called and reserved a spot. They will only let one sponser from each company set up a booth so you have to act fast. I heard someone else from PC called after I did and was turned down. I'm not sure if the cost is the same everywhere, but I had to pay $50 for a booth, and then I also had to pay a sponsorship fee. There were different ones to pick from. The more you pay, the bigger area you are allowed to set up and the more tables you can have. I paid the minimum fee which was $90. So altogether, $140. I also had to donate a $25 gift to be given away during the show. The other 3 gifts that I gave away were on my own. I knew from attending the shows in the past, that you get more people at your booth when you are giving something away. So, in the end it cost me around $200 for everything. I was going to have a booth at our local fair this year for $75, but it just didn't "feel right". I had a feeling it was going to be a waste of time and money. I decided to just save my money and spend it where I would be surrounded by a bunch of women (and a few husbands) that were there to learn how to cook.
Can someone please explain the "Taste of Home" thing to me? I recently bought a Taste of Home recipe magazine (which was GREAT!) but I keep reading on here about Taste of Home cooking school stuff and I can't find any information on it.
As I have learned with my bridal expo....follow up is key...try your hardest to get as many phone calls as you can made within these first couple of days so you can "strike while the iron is hot!" Good luck with it and I hope all goes well!
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Thank you for that info about calling right away. I was wondering about that. I did just sort through my Yes, for shows and put them in a pile and then I put those in two piles by what time they said was best to call. 3 said day and the rest were night. I want to call now, but my son and his cousin are here and are making tons of noise. I may come up with a bribe to keep them quiet.

If you go to the Taste of Home website, on the left hand side at the bottom it says Cooking School. If you click on that, you can find out more info and also if there is a show in your area. I'm not positive, but I think they do Spring and Fall shows, so if there isn't one right now, check back later. They didn't release the Fall schedule until the beginning of August, so I only had about a month and a half of notice.
look at your maybes too...those are the ones who can easily be given that little push by saying that they "won" a free show!! I know I started with my maybes before my yeses and had great success. with a maybe, they are on edge...they want it but they daon't and with it being the day right after, they will get excited...if you wait too long on maybes, they will have already changed to a no. Yeses have an extra day or 2 only because they know about us and they know they want to do it, just not sure when. MAKE THEM SET A DATE!!! don't settle for let me call you back, you need to be the one to call them back. I know it sounds mean, but give them a deadline...find a few dates that may work for them, tell them to check their calendar and you will call them back in say 2 days to finalize the date and set your host coaching meeting. it tends to work a little better this way as it guides them along.
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Thanks for all those great tips. This Cooking School couldn't have come at a better time. I was down to only one show left on the books. One big reason for that is because I am scared to pick up the phone and call. I have a feeling I will be a pro by the time I get done with all these calls. :D
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That is awesome !Lucky you !! I live in Massachsetts , nothing even coming close to us :(
Way to go ! Sounds like you are going to be real busy this fall !!! Congrats !!! :D
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Thank You, but I still haven't made that first call yet. I have been sitting here staring at the phone for two hours!! :eek: I keep finding other things to do. I know once I make the first call it will be easier.
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That's just great! What awesome results. It sounds like it was a good investment. I agree....follow up is the only way you'll get your money's worth out of this. You will most definitely get used to making the phone your friend after this! It won't take long before you get a good groove going when you make the calls and figure out what you want to say. You will no longer be afraid of the phone!!
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JenniferGet off the computer and make your calls. You won't miss anything here, but if you don't make the calls you'll miss some business and your $200 investment will be for not.

Good luck. I wish you had taken pictures of your booth it sounds beautiful. Make those calls, honey!
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I had to run to the school and pick up the kids, but I am back now. I have made two calls so far. One said to call after Christmas because she is really busy right now. The other said her daughter has a lot of health problems and I should call back in March. Bummer! Oh well.

Actually, I did take pictures of my booth. If I can figure out how to attach them I will. Can anyone walk me through it or is it to hard to do?
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They say it takes 10 calls to get a yes. Listen to Kearns and make those calls :D
Also, it doesn't hurt to call those that left a number but put no. Just a quick thank you for dropping by the booth and if they decide they're interested message. You never know, they may have given more thought after leaving your booth. Haven't you ever had 2nd thoughts and wish you had answered differently?!
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I will have to disagree with Rita on that one. I NEVER call the ones that mark "no". That is how I feel I might lose a customer. In my small town, when we have a fair, everyone comes to it. They come by my booth and will not fill out a drawing slip and under their breath they say "I am not filling that out they will call me." I tell them that unless they mark yes or maybe I will not call them, I have too many people to call and do not call the people who do not fill them out or mark no. But if they have been by it the 5 yrs I have done it, they know they can fill it out without any problems and knowing I dont call unless they mark it. I hope this makes since.
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Yes, it does, and it makes them learn that you are a trustworthy person. In the future if they do need something they may actually contact you because they know you will stick to your word. A lot of my No's didn't even list their phone number anyway. They just filled out the slip to be in the drawing. It was funny, becaue the veteran Taste of Home goers, brought stamps and address labels and just stuck them on the slips and then stuck them in the drawing box.
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Great idea!The Taste of Home cooking expo was and is a great idea, thanks!! But after reading everybodies comments (by the way all awesome advice), I know your looking for the shows. How about the people wanting to sell? :confused: With all the incentives being offered for them and us. You would almost be silly not to call them now. :) I know the phone is scary, but just take a deep breath and give those people a call right away!! You'll be missing on a great chance to expand your business. And reaping the rewards. Just a thought. Good luck!!!
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Oh, I know. I am going to call them this weekend. I have 4 kids at my house right now (ages 4, 3, 2 & 1) so I can't call now with all the noise. I talked to 3 of the people at the show that seemed very interested in selling. My plan is to spend all day tomorrow on the phone calling everyone, or as many as I can. The calls I made last night were not as scary as I thought. I just told myself, these people marked maybe on their slip, so they should have known you would be calling. I think I will try to call some of the Yes people next to build my confidence a little.

When does the sign up incentive end? Mid october? It's the new carving board isn't it?
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it ends october 15th and it is in consultants corner where the host and guest specials are. I believe it is the reversible bamboo carvong borad, the meat lifters, and the carving set
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Good Luck on your phone calls! Calling the ones who marked "yes" first is the best idea, then move on to your "maybes" as you're already warmed up and feeling confident. Then if you really wanted to, call the one's who didn't mark yes, maybe or no...they gave you their contact info figuring you would call them anyway. Maybe they want to hear alittle more about PC before they make a decision. I think Rita has a good point though. Anyway, it is completely up to you, but starting with the "yes" pile will help you get started! Good Luck!! :)
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taste of home cooking schooli did the taste of home cooking school last night and i got out of 200 cards tons of maybes and about15-20 yes and 3 people i have to call by tom gor thestoneware i am kind of nervous about the phona also but as everyone says it needs to be done I also met a consultant who is trying to get out and she said she would pass my name out to people who ask her about bookings :)
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I just went on the Taste of Home Website and clicked on Cooking School. Is the event that you all are participating in the "school event"?
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Taste of HomeThe Taste of home "cooking school" demo is great! We have it every year in my town and I helped this year for the first time. Our Home economists that does the demonstrations always calls my director as soon as the date is set for our town and asks us to help her. It is a great thing and she will only have PC Consultants help her in our area. We get a free booth for helping her. It is great and a huge learning experience to do all the set up and watch her do the demonstration.

I would reccommend that you approach the people in charge of your taste of home shows and see if this kind of arrangement would work for them and you. It is great publicity and she always brings us out on stage at the end and introduces us as Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultants and then names us. I use ideas she did at her demo and some people even say they remember seeing me on stage!
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I contacted my newspaper that is sponsoring the event in my town in November - they want $250 for booth space & I think that is way high. I ask others in my cluster if they wanted to share booth space with me to help with the cost and their was no interest. There is no way I can do $250. I tried to contact Taste Of Home due to the above post, but I did not see a link to contact the Home Economist that is coming. Taste of Home told me I have to go thru the newspaper for the booth space! What to do What to do!!!
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i can tell you that the booth i had at my bridal expo was $500 and i split with one other consultant and so i paid $250 and it was well worth it....i am not only getting great bookings, but bookings as far in advance as JULY!!! the booth has more than paid for itself it bookings javascript:popupScripts()+ potential recruit leads.
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Good luck! Wow - Please keep us posted!!! How much did it cost you to be in it?
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There are two Taste of Home shows coming to my area. One in the city where I live, and one in a neighboring town, about 30-40 minutes away. The one 30 minutes away is $299 for booth space and the one in my city is $500.
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Yikes!!! Glad I live in a small town. I only had to pay $50 for a booth and $90 for a sponsorship fee, plus donate a $25 gift.
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I just looked and there is nothing posted for Florida. That really stinks! :( Maybe the expo has already happened?? :confused: I guess I'll just have to keep checking!
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chefloriray said:
I will have to disagree with Rita on that one. I NEVER call the ones that mark "no". That is how I feel I might lose a customer. In my small town, when we have a fair, everyone comes to it. They come by my booth and will not fill out a drawing slip and under their breath they say "I am not filling that out they will call me." I tell them that unless they mark yes or maybe I will not call them, I have too many people to call and do not call the people who do not fill them out or mark no. But if they have been by it the 5 yrs I have done it, they know they can fill it out without any problems and knowing I dont call unless they mark it. I hope this makes since.

It does make sense, and if you say you will not call them, then of course do not call them. You certainly want to be true to your word. However, I do not tell them, "I will not call unless you have yes or maybe marked". If they've given me their number, it is considered consent to check back with them, at least once. My attitude is again, they may have had second thoughts or simply didn't pay much attention at the booth, with so many other booths and activities at the same time. Information overload :p

Sounds like this thread has been going on for a while. If the phone calls weren't made promptly (1st week), many of these potential shows are going to be lost. Make those calls.
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I've been squeezing in as many calls as I can here and there. It's just hard when you baby sit and have 4 kids during the day. Then when they finally leave, you have to fix supper for your family and run everyone to basketball and volleyball practices and games. I managed to squeeze in about 10 calls yesterday. One person who lives about an hour away wants to have a catalog show. One person who marked Yes to a show says he now can't do it because his work schedule is changing (I'm going to keep him on my mailing list), and I didnt get an answer at any of the other numbers I tried. Oh well, maybe today will be my lucky day!
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How's it going Jennifer?Just following up & seeing how bookings are going. I am doing the Taste of Home show here in my town on 11-15. Another consultant is going in with me - the good thing is, she lives in one town about 20 miles from here, but there will be people a the show from both towns so I dont see any competition. I contacted TofHome to see if they would let us do a free booth if we helped (like someone above in the thread was able to do) but the economist I contacted had never heard of such a thing! So...I had to pay for my booth, but the lady at the newspaper here (they are sponsoring the show) wrote my name down as a helper, so I feel like TofHome willl end up using me in some way. For my $25 door prize, I just ordered the Meat Lifters (off of a show that just closed and the host didnt want to use the host special)...had to be a $25 VALUE (so I am spending $10...wow!) And I'm adding a Seasons Best. We also have to have a coupon of some sort in the goodie bag that everyone gets and I am doing those for $5 off hosts order if you host a show by April 2006. At the booth we will have the survey slips and give away a free kitchen show (of course everyone that checks YES will win). I am getting so excited!
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This isnt Jennifer but i did the taste of home cooking school and it was definitly worth the money, in July when they announced the show to go pieces i figured i would not get them, but now i am recieving the 3rd piece. But back to what i was saying i had absolutly no bookings in oct and i had 11 at the end 3 kitchen and the rest catalog and i did the best month I have ever done, I am so excited. And i still have bookings in Nov and more to call at the beggining of the year.
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The Taste of Home paid off for me. Before it, I only had one show left on my books. It was for Oct 9, and no chance of getting my Show to Go. I am happy to say, that just minutes ago, I submitted my 6th and final show for the month and my comm sales for the month are $2645.32, putting me $18 over the $4000 needed for the Show to Go. I also have three catalog shows and one kitchen show next month, all results of the Tast of Home. It was definately worth it. I am doing a booth at a school Christmas Bazaar in December. Wish it was in November so I could get December shows booked out of it, but I will take what I can get. Two of the people that I called from the TOH, wanted me to call them back again after Christmas, so I may be seeing the results of this for awhile.
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too much moneyI so wanted to do the taste of home event tonight... but the booth was $425 from 5 till 9. With just starting out i couldnt swing it. its in a low income area on a monday night too. Im going to go there instead, buy a ticket and carry around my catalog bag and business cards... if i can be chatty enough maybe i can get a booking or two.
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Good luck!!! Do you have a Pampered Chef shirt you can wear.
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Where is it on TOH?I see the website for TOH but do not see where you would go to find out where they will be in your hometown :( Can someone help me out with their site and tell me where do I go to findout if they are/will be in my area of Virginia? It sounds really wonderful to do a show like that!! :D
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There should be some options on the left side of their home page. Toward the bottom there should be a link about cooking schools. At least it was like that the last time I was on their site.
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Thanks!!! I have been viewing their site and see about their cooking schools were in Richmond which is an hour away (my sister lives there!) but it was for 9/13. I don't see any others listed so I guess I missed out out. Oh well, maybe next time!!
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Yes - I have the new 3/4 sleeve pink shirt from AIM (I love it) & hightly suggest it! Im wearing it with dressy jeans, the other host is wearing her denim apron (so we will both sorta match with the denim). We are putting two 7 foot tables in like a "V" shape so it will all fit in the booth space. One decorated like a Thanksgiving table with most of the new stuff....the other table at one end other stuff (I have the 3-tiered Simple Additions to hold lots of little stuff, and at the other end the flip book with all the upcoming specials, basket with survey slips etc, this months guest special in a frame with order forms, .....We also have a huge banner to hang behind us. We only have 2 hours to wow the people and bring them to us: 5-7pm and then the show starts, so we really want a kick-a** display. Any other suggestions are sooooo welcome!
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Good Luck Cindy with the Taste of Home it will be well worth the money :)

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