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Table Tops and Fayres


Mar 27, 2005
I am going to do my first Fayre at a local School this month. Does anyone have any tips? I was thinking of setting up a display of this month's host gifts and obviously having information for visitors to take away about bookings and recruitment. The only item I have a stock of is the small recipe book which I will sell on the day, and I am offering a "Guess Chef Teddy's Favourite Recipe" game with a Stoneware Cookbook as the prize. Am I missing anything obvious. Any help would be appreciated as ever.


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Mar 13, 2005
I would also take all the items that you got in your Super Starter Kit, along with the crate, and make that in to a nice display, that way people can see everything. Good luck and smile alot!!


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Apr 14, 2004
The right amount of energy is critical. Too much and you scare them away- too little and you won't create any excitement. Pay attention as to how people are reacting to you. So you can kick it up or knock it down a knotch. If it's an all day fair, I make sure I have a diet coke source.
Yes, Lori G is right - smile alot!
You have to work the fair- not just sit in the booth!