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Super Starter: How to Achieve Success in Month One

In summary, the conversation is about a new Pampered Chef cook who has only done one catalog show and does not have any other bookings scheduled. She is looking for suggestions on how to get started and more bookings.
Hi there everyone. I am just getting started. In fact, this is my Super Starter Month One. I have ONE show scheduled for the 16th. Beyond that, nothing. I have done one catalog show, and actually do have one in the makings.

But, that is ALL. I have nothing else on the books. I really do want to make the Super Starter incentives. I am just not sure how to go about getting off the ground better!

Any suggestions or thoughts would be more than welcome, and greatly appreciated!
Here you go I hope this helps you find more bookings. I do suggest cutting the bottom of the grocery store flyer off and putting business cards there, ethier by glueing them on or putting an envelope at the bottom to hold a few cards.


1. Send a catalog to a co-worker or friend who has moved.

2. Send a catalog to reps from other party plans and ask to exchange shows.

3. Post a catalog in the teacher's lounge at your child's school.

4. Post a catalog in the employee's lunch room.

5. Hold an open house.

6. Have a booth at a church bazaar.

7. Advertise in your alumni newsletter and/or local newspaper.

8. Give a catalog to the receptionist in your doctor's or dentist's office.

9. Include a current catalog or flyer with your local bill payments.

10. Put a current catalog and sample in your neighbor's door.

11. Always carry business cards and catalogs with you to hand out.

12. Ask ALL your friends to have a show.

13. Advertise in the church bulletin.

14. Host an office party.

15. Host a Brunch.

16. Have your family wear Pampered Chef T-shirts.

17. Mail out catalogs with a wish list and order form.

18. Host your own show.

19. Host a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

20. Host a show before, during or after a PTA meeting.

21. Get a list from the Welcome Wagon to find newcomers in the area.

22. Set up a display at craft fairs.

23. Participate in a school fundraiser.

24. Have your husband or significant other promote products at work.

25. Wear a Pampered Chef button.

26. Wear your charm holder and logo pins out in public.

27. Hold a Valentine's, Mother's Day, or Christmas Shopping Show for men.

28. Offer guests a Secret Santa Wish List.

29. Set up a temporary display in a mall.

30. Put a "FREE Products! Ask Me How!" button on your purse.

31. Ask past Hostesses to talk about their FREE products.

32. Hold an Opportunity Night nearby.

33. Mention Host Benefits at least 3 times per show.

34. Showcase higher priced items and remind guests they can get it half off.

35. Mention how much an "average" Host receives FREE!

36. At the beginning of the show, mention the Host goal.

37. Share upcoming specials at all shows with all guests.

38. Tell your Host how much she saved by having a show.
39. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan shows.

40. Encourage Hosts to rebook themselves in the next 3 months.

41. Treat Hosts to a special "Hosts Appreciation Tea".

42. Encourage relatives to have a show.

43. Call your realtor with suggestions for "New Home Packages".

44. Offer to do a theme show demo/class for a local women's group.

45. Ask everyone for referrals.

46. Follow up on all referral leads on Door Prize Slips.

47. Offer a Birthday or Anniversary Club.

48. Offer a Bridal Registry.

49. Promote Pampered Chef Bridal Shower Parties.

50. Create a binder to showcase different theme show parties to choose from.

51. Create a visual for the Host Program by playing "Stack the Host".

52. Be friendly and enthusiastic.

53. Take the pieces that you LOVE to your shows!

54. Follow through on EVERY booking lead.

55. Ask, Ask, Ask.

56. Ask every guest at every show for 3 referrals.

57. Use open-ended questions to uncover objections.

58. Use products at home then share your ideas at shows.
59. Read sales, self-improvement and positive thinking books.

60. Call at least 2 potential Hosts EVERY night.

61. Dream and imagine the possibilities!

62. Set goals and review them constantly. Post where you can see them.

63. Ask friends to help you get started or to reach a certain goal.

64. Goal yourself for "x" number of shows each month.

65. Copy Host Specials and mail to past hostesses and interested clients.

66. Use postcards and newsletters to continue to spark interest.

67. Follow up phone calls to interested guests. Ask them to have a show.

68. Call all hostesses who postponed or never had their party as planned.

69. Have the Host tell why she decided to have a show.

70. Give products as gifts or donations.

71. Don't be shy talking about your products or your business.

72. Smile when talking on the telephone.

73. Make regular customer service calls to replenish products.

74. Review orders from past shows and call customers with large orders.

75. Be prepared to answer questions about your work.

76.Write down names of people who "owe you a favor", then follow up.

77. Call the most familiar people first.

78. Spend time every day working on some aspect of your business.
79. Be willing to share the Opportunity with everyone.

80. Call anyone who has said "maybe" or "sometime".

81. Contact schools, churches, and women's groups for fundraisers.

82. Advertise in football or musical programs.

83. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses.

84. Talk about upcoming specials with everyone.

85. Keep a list of special requests. Notify guests when that product is on sale.

86. Suggest a Christmas show so guests can shop without leaving home.

87. Offer bonuses for booking a show on certain dates.

88. Offer Book Show options to those who work in office environments.

89. Give extra service and time to good customers to make repeat customers.

90. Carry a notepad to jot down names as you think of them.

91. Let guests keep a catalog on hand to show friends or pass around at work.

92. Contact men's groups (Kiwanis, Lion's, Rotary) to host a show.

93. Offer complimentary gift-wrapping on orders over a certain amount.

94. Mail recipe postcards using monthly specials to keep in touch.

95. Have a Booking Basket for Hosts with gifts for pre-arranged bookings.

96. Strive to have 21 shows up on your calendar.

97. Offer businesses an employee gift/incentive program. Write up as a show.

98. Do a Product Lottery.

99. Get leads from participating in trade shows or business expos.

100. Take pre-wrapped gift sets to male oriented business and take orders.

101. Tell everyone to tell their friends to get their kitchen products from you.

102. Let everyone know that it's your job to give away FREE products!

103. Take several beautiful but versatile pieces to your show to demo.

104. Let customers FEEL the quality of products in their own hands.

105. Make your daily 2+2 calls. Chart your progress.

106. Participate in Bridal Trade Shows for leads.

107. Take a PC recipe in a PC dish to every function you attend that has food.

108. Pass out recipes to guests for dishes demonstrated at your show.

109. Offer a special incentive for booking a show within 2 weeks.

110. Get guest lists from Hosts so you can contact guests after the show.

111. Surprise Bookings. Call guests and ask for bookings as surprise to Host.

112. Use car magnets on car to advertise business.

113. Encourage Host to ask everyone to book a show.

114. Have Host show friends what FREE Host Bonuses she is trying to earn.

115. Ask Host to invite those who need or want a job.

116. Make a "Mix-in-a-Bag" gift for the Host. Make a recipe that focuses on Monthly Guest or Host Special.

117. Make a "Host Necklace". Use one inexpensive tool for EACH booking she obtains BEFORE her show date. Tie together with curly ribbon.

118. Booking Necklaces - String inexpensive door prize items on curly ribbon. Hang 6 around Host's neck. As guests arrive, let her explain that she needs to give them all away so she can win a special gift. She can only give them to her friends who will book a show for her. Those who decide to book first get first choice of which necklace they want. They wear around their neck so you can see who already wants a show.


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I'm in my Super Starter Month Two, so I'm not too far ahead of you. One thing that has helped me is to complete the list of 100 in the Welcome Book. It really makes you think of people that you might not initially think of to ask. I'm sure some other more seasoned PC consultants will post more helpful ideas, but hope this helps.
Good Luck from one beginner to another! :)
Just Getting Started TooHello out there. I am also in my Super Starter Month one. I have had 3 shows so far, plus one catalog show. I went to family and close friends for help. They have me set through January. From those 3 shows, I have 3 people looking to book a show of their own. I keep a catalog and order forms with me where ever I go. I have posted a flyer in my local deli shop. I hope to get more bites from that. I am also thinking of setting up a table at a local church bazaar. Not sure how to go about it though. So if anyone out there has any suggestions for me, please let me know.
Bazaar's WORK!Contact a member of the church and ask them about getting involved. They'll charge you a table fee. Mine was $25 and I gave away a gift certificate for $25. My director reimburses me for that $50. So all I was out was for decorations, gas and the food I ate while there, but it paid off. See my thread about my Fall Bazaar results!
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Thanks will do that :)
New too!Hi, this is my ss1 month also and have done 5 shows so far! I did 2 Grand opening shows making them both Mystery Hosts, 1 catalog show, 1 mommy and me (Which I hosted myself) and my first tech. hosted show this friday with my sister in law. So far I am at $2270 comm. sales so I have made all my bonuses as soon as I submit this friday show! Yippee!

You can host your own and make them mystery hosts to draw them in. Do a Grand opening -invite EVERY Person you know! ASK ALL OF your FRIENDS and their friends and your family to help you out! That has been my best response so far! I have had 13 friends and family book a show for me for my first 3 ss months! Write them a letter and tell them about your new business, how excited you are and ask for their HELP! And I am sure they will be more than happy to do so esp. after explaining the Hostess Rewards Program!

Good luck!
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Wow!! Thank you guys SOOOOO much for the ideas, encouragement, and also ways to get started. I will have to try and implement some!!

My problem is also that I'm relatively new to this area..so, I don't know that many people, or have a ton of friends yet...hehehe, but I'm using this to "fix" that!!! LOL

Well, thank you again for your responses!! Now I'm off to more browsing!!

I hope to have a sucess story to "tell" y'all soon!!! :D
I'm in my SS month 3 now and have gotten stuck a little. I had some business cards made and some fliers and have put them up in grocery stores(sometimes they have bullentin boards), coffee shops, and anywhere that has a community bullentin board. I figure it couldn't hurt!
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Hey everyone! I updated the grocery store flyer (with my husbands help! :p ) and have come up with this. We really wanted to add some of the new fall product pictures. Please tweak it with your information! Good Luck!


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a tech. show?Hi- I am new to PC. What it a tech. show? I'll be starting in December as my ss1.

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I love the flyer! Thank you so much!
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amybee said:
.... I keep a catalog and order forms with me where ever I go. I have posted a flyer in my local deli shop. I hope to get more bites from that. I am also thinking of setting up a table at a local church bazaar. Not sure how to go about it though. So if anyone out there has any suggestions for me, please let me know.

That's what you have to do! I brought catalogs and carry my PC calendar (PC consultant side OUT) and ask EVERYONE if it would be ok for me to leave a catalog. My post office person is a regular customer now, hair dresser, the person who opened my bank account booked a kitchen show with me...

At check out ask every single person if they might like to host a catalog or kitchen show. No one is ever upset with you for asking ~ just think of it as that yummy new restaurant you tried and then end up telling the next 10 people. Share your enthusiasm ~ it's contageous!

GOOD LUCK! I'm in my 3rd month, show (including catalogs) somewhere around 23.

Susan :)
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Did anyone see a flyer like this for HWC. I am doing a fund raiser and would like to post these in the grocery stores. thanks for your hlep

1. What is "Just Getting Started..."?

"Just Getting Started..." is a collection of essential products and recipes designed to help anyone get started in the kitchen. It includes versatile tools, simple recipes, and helpful tips to make cooking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable.

2. How can I purchase "Just Getting Started..."?

You can purchase "Just Getting Started..." through a Pampered Chef consultant or on our website. Simply search for the product or recipe you're interested in and add it to your cart.

3. What products are included in "Just Getting Started..."?

"Just Getting Started..." includes a variety of products such as a knife set, measuring cups and spoons, a cutting board, a baking sheet, and a mixing bowl. It also includes recipes for appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

4. Are the recipes in "Just Getting Started..." easy to follow?

Yes, the recipes in "Just Getting Started..." are designed for beginners and are easy to follow. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions and uses basic ingredients and techniques.

5. Can I customize the products in "Just Getting Started..."?

Yes, you can customize "Just Getting Started..." by choosing the specific products and recipes that best fit your needs. You can also add additional products or recipes to your order to create a personalized collection.

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