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Suggestions for a show for the blind

Feb 18, 2005
I am doing a show for a group of ladies who are all blind. The host doesn't want to do a recipe since nobody can see what I am doing but I am bringing all the products I have. I plan on making a small appetizer, not sure what yet but something that will travel well as she lives an hour away. I was actually thinking of using my chillzane and cutting up some veggies and then maybe something else as well. My question is, has anyone done a show like this before? Any suggestions as how to present all the products?



WOW! That would be a hard one! What about a theme show so they could get involved but you wouldnt have to fix anything...maybe incorporate alot of the products that you talk about but in a theme sort of way. I definately like the spa themes I have seen here. You could let them know what you used to prepare the things you are using and then do a little pampering. Blind people have to use their sense of touch alot so why not do some hand creams or body salts ect?


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Feb 14, 2005
I don't know. The first thing that came to my mind was the food chopper. It would be easy for them to cut up vegetables etc without a chance of cutting their fingers as with a knife. I think the micro cooker would be good as well. Putting potatoes in water in the micro cooker and microwaving might be more appealing than a boiling pot on the stove. No boil overs, no hot stove eyes. Just thinking. The measure all cup too. They could feel the depth and or make it the depth they think it should be and measure out what they need. Does that make sense? Maybe let them feel what 1/2 cup feels like then they can pour it in. Just brainstorming. Hope that helps.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005

I think the best way to go is how you were planning. Have an appetizer pre-made and all of your products clean. Then one-by-one bring them out of your crate. You really need to practice using creative word pictures. Explain the benefits of each product as you let them hold it and pass it around the room.

Very interesting!! I wish you luck. I thought it was going to be hard having a show with the hearing impaired, but I think this is an equal challenge. I had one last month and it went better than I thought it would.
Feb 18, 2005
The Show went AWESOME

Well, I just submitted her show, it was over $700! We did alot of talking about the products, I had everything there. I am doing another one for them in a couple of weeks, but I need ideas for games for them to play. They are a really fun group and I want to do more games and they would like to do more games as well. I have the left/right game but I can't seem to find any others, any suggestions?


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Apr 12, 2005

Go to the files section I posted a whole book of games. Hopefully that will help. It has about 40 games in it.