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Stepping out of the confort zone


May 12, 2005
I've been stepping out of my confort zone AND made the phone my friend :eek: but the problem I have is to get people to book a show! I've talk to them, they are very impress with the product and the quality, but all I hear all the time is: It's nice but SOOOOOOOOOOO expensif. I've told them that it's an investment ant the guarantie is howsome and they could have it for free and 1/2 price but what I get as an answer is: but you have to do a party, thanks but no thanks, then I tell them they could also have a catalogue show. PC is just starting here and nobody know about it so I guest that make it harder.
I gust I will be starting a list of 100 nos to make it happen or something... Just runing out of ideas.
Was also thinking about asking maybe 2 or 3 independant store if I could put a box for a draw of a large bar pan and that way I could have some leads to call and also offering them a free kitchen show.
What you all think about it?


Why don't you have an Open House so everyone can see the products first hand. That way they can touch and see it. Call your list and invite them to either your house or a certain destination, if its new there, they can get an idea how wonderful PC really is. Then show them what they have to do to get the products for FREE!! Also, do the coupon for the FREE Executive Cookware pan so you might get some potential recruits. That would be another way for them to get the products. Maybe all this will convince them that it is actually fun to have a show and this will get it started better where you are. Just some ideas hope it helps. Let us know what you do.

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I know, its gets frustrating when you have repeat guests at shows that always order and love PC but they never want to book a show. You know if they just would try hosting a show they would love all that they get free and half price and all. I know I always mention to my hosts about getting people to book shows from their shows. I put a booking certificate in my host packets that if three people book from their show after the 3rd show is held I will buy the original host a cookbook from the catalogue. I think one thing I may start doing is cut out pictures of all the products my past hosts got in January for free and half price, glue them to some cardstock, and show everyone at my shows how much the host actually spent for all those products. Perhaps that will impress someone who may be thinking about hosting to actually host.


May 12, 2005
My problem is that I really don't know anyone. I' ve recently move into an other province . I have try to host my own show it was a disaster NO ONE shoe up! And I had invited everyone I know. Just come to a point that I'm runing out of ideas


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Sep 7, 2005
I applaud you!

For stepping out of your C zone! I am still relatively new (3-months) with PC and I am still afraid of the phone! I tried picking it up to make CC out of the box calls but only did so if there was a machine answering! That lasted for like 3 days!

NOw My circle of family and friends is coming to an end and I have a handful of bookings from my first 17 shows but I really need to get over the phone phobia and make my follow up calls to the ones who checked "maybe" on the raffle slips! Or I will be high and dry in the next couple months! I can email all day long to do thank you's, product care, etc and I have even tried to email those maybes but of course no response! The phone is supposed to be my friend but I guess I'm afraid of bothering people or getting flat out rejected! I've read scripts and even used them when making my machine calls but I still felt very uncomfortable! And I thought the worst part of PC was going to be the demo presentations (I was phobic of public speaking before I joined) but seemed to have overcome that problem!

Now to get over this fear of the phone!
Maybe when I am out of bookings and in desperate need of them I will get over it! :rolleyes:


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Jul 7, 2005
Check your words!

My wife convinced me about a year ago, not to 'reinvent the wheel' when it comes to the verbiage. I'll never forget the day I convinced myself to get started on customer care calls, and used the PC suggested scripts on Consultant's Corner , and got a booking - by using the words others have found work for them.

The more I am involved with TPC, the more I find it is not about convincing someone, it is about bringing people to... the product / the opportunity / the PC better life with determination, self-improvement and enthusiasm.

Cindy Langford says it best - there are only 2 rules with TPC -
1- have fun!
2- be nice!

If you find you are getting a lot of turn-downs, or the atmosphere of hesitation / convincing is required, you are not doing something correctly. Read Doris' book and understand the 'soft sell' and support approach that vaulted her to success.

A quote that may help you... from p.70, subtitled The Soft Sell... Doris writes, "I have always been careful to remember I am a guest in her house. I wouldn't want someone to come to my house and pressure my friends to buy something, and neither would anybody else."

An echo from Nancy Jo Ryan on p.227 is, "I believed I was sharing what could be done with the products, and then giving people the freedom not to buy. I'd tell everyone, 'I only want you to come and enjoy the food and the company of your friends. If you need something, wonderful, then let me help you equip your kitchen".

Some words to think on. Take care!
Jan 15, 2006
Food for Thought

When I first ran out of people that I knew to host shows, I went to their husbands. Sounds weird but it worked. I had several men tell me their sisters or friends at work may be interested. I also went through my son's school phone chain. You would be amazed at how many people you don't know will actually take the time to do a show for you. My director has been known to approach people at the supermarket...everyone from cashier to the girl behind her at the deli counter.

Good luck and happy booking! :)


Jun 5, 2005
How did you do it? How did you start your conversation with her about PC? I would really like to do this but not sure how to start.


I'll share an example:

I was at coffee hour at church yesterday talking to a perfect stranger about our project of making sandwiches for the homeless. She started to tell me that she had burned half of her cookies the night before! Well, I began to talk about the PC stoneware and how great it is for baking. She mentioned that she used to have a PC baker, but that it got too sticky from roasting meat in it all the time. At which point I suggested baking soda and asked if she'd like to see our new catalog... which I had in the car. Well, then I mentioned that if she had a party, she could earn a new piece of stoneware for free. She said no, but I offered to set her up for a catalog show. She said yes!

So, I gave her order forms and a bunch of catalogs, called her later and emailed her the catalog show planner and am thrilled to have another show for February!

It wasn't a hard sell at all. It really is more about listening while having a conversation and looking for an opportunity to talk about PC.



May 12, 2005
What did you told that person to have her book a show????? Because like I said I talk to them but they wont book a show with me :( so what are the words you use? When I give out catalogue they say it's nice but so expensif and went I tell them they can have it for free by inviting a few friends over they decline the invitation and even for catalogue show there response is: well I will think about it and when I call them back back the answer is no!!