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Spanish Sales...anyone speak Spanish ???

Apr 13, 2005
I have been leaving spanish mini catalogs around town. I am trying to break into that market....even doing the Cinco de Mayo Celebration on May 6th. Here is my problem...

I have had a number on my caller ID from the Mendoza family twice !! No message. My daughter answered the phone yesterday and it obviously was Mrs./Miss Mendoza !! She doesn't speak English !!! And I don't speak Spanish !! (I know...what was I thinking leaving spanish mini cats around !!)

I need to call this lady but I have no clue what to say !!! I am going to try to find someone that is bilungual that can help me...but until then....I want to call her to say something to the effect that I am looking for someone to help us interpret and is she actually interested in PC (may be a wrong number...but 3 times ?)

Can anyone help me as to what to say to let her know I will call her back when I find a bilingual friend ??????


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Dec 1, 2005
It is pathetic how little I can help you after 4 years of high school spanish!! I don't know what to say, but they do have translaters online that you can type in what you want to say and they output it in spanish. Do little parts of sentences at a time so you have a better chance of making sense on her answering machine. Or maybe see if there is a bilingual chat group that could help you. I think there is a board for bilingual parent on Babycenter.com but I'm not positive.

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
From speaking to Grace C at PC events she says that we could call Home Office and ask for a spanish speaking person to go on a 3-way call with us with the person of interest. Or we could give the person the Home Office number and have them speak to them directly...although I wouldn't be very comforatable with that because I would want credit for the business.

Call Home Office Spanish speaking relations. They should be able to help you. Grace is very nice!


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Nov 5, 2005

I am bilingual and I am willing to help. Where are you located. I am in California which is Pacific Standard Time. If you can't get a hold of someone in HO let me know maybe we can get on 3-way.

Apr 13, 2005
oh my gosh....thanks so much !!! I am going to try to find someone here in my town....shouldn't be too hard !! BUT....if I can't, I will definately call you !!! Thanks so much for the offer !!! I love this board !!!!


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Jan 8, 2006
Sorry, but I think it is hillarious.
Not on your part, but mine.
I am billingual, well sorta. I took four years HS Spanish and a semester in college. Not to mention I am married to a Guatemalan who, when we met didn't speak a lick of english
I am too chicken to promote my spanish side.
I am terrified of messing up in front of a bunch of people, and then they make fun of me.
Thumbs Up to You Heather for making that effort.!!!
Apr 13, 2005
Oh Melissa...you don't know the HILARIOUS part !!! LOLOLOL I actually called this lady myself and left a message in spanish !!!! I used a translator site and printed out what I was gonna say and left her a message !! I still can't believe it !! LOLOLOLOL When I got off the phone, I felt soooooooooooo weird !!!!

I haven't heard back from her yet.....I guess she is waiting for my interpreter !! I told her in my message that i would find someone that speaks spanish and call her again !

Now I gotta find someone here.....
Mar 2, 2006
I want to send out flyers in my neighborhood about being a consultant but there are alot of Spanish speaking people that I know I could reach better if I sent them some info in Spanish also. Could anyone who speaks Spanish please change the following sentence into Spanish so I can make it into stickers. Thanks so much in advance!!!

"If you would prefer information in Spanish, please contact me so that I can give you a Spanish catalog!!"


Here ya go:

Si preferiria informacion en Español, por favor llama me para darle un catalogo en Español!

I'm Puerto Rican and fluent in Spanish feel free to contact me for help!
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Jan 26, 2006
Another thing that might be easier to try, is call and just speak English!! She probably has kids that are bilingual. I have found that in these households, someone speaks English. It's a pain to have a child on the phone as the 'go between', but it gets your information through.
She has run into this roadblock before, believe me they have!! She will know what to do if you call and speak English to her. Just make sure you speak slowly and clearly, not louder, just slower.

Hope you get a great show out of this!!!
Mar 2, 2006
Thanks AFwife for the translation!!!

I just recruited a girl this week who is bilingual so I'm really excited that I have someone who I can easily ask for help in my team. I took Spanish in high school for 3 years but I've forgotten alot in the time since high school. I'm hoping maybe working with my new recruit, she will help me spruce up on my Spanish skills again.