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Smaller Bags

Feb 18, 2005
Does this happen to anyone else? I have all shipments shipped to my house so that I can double check and promote a little more. I am finding that some people may order alot of stuff but it is small things. EX: I had a lady buy $60.00 with of products but it was all untinsel things. So I had this HUGE bag for little things. Has PC ever made small bags?



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
No, Pampered Chef does not have smaller bags. What you can do is buy some of the Nancy's Artwork plastic bags. It is perfect for those smaller items. You can also use them to mail your host packets. The post office likes that it is see through.
Jan 23, 2005
I was having the same issue and I just went to Costco and bought plastic t-shirt bags. They are just like the bags the grocery stores and wal-mart uses but they are plain white. There's 1000 bags in the case and I think it was about 10 or 15 dollars.