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Sidewalk Sale - !?


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Mar 17, 2006
Just venting!

I ordered on the Sidewalk Sale - clicking on my Director's site to order. I don't have a PWS, so I was going to order through my director. Apparently, somewhere along the line my order was assigned to another consultant.

I called 2 hrs later to cancel the order. The person I spoke to to assured me the order would be canceled and she would send me an email. I never rec'd an email, so I called again the next day. They could not find the order so told me it must be canceled. I sent an email to solutions center with all relevant info asking for the order to be canceled. I called a third time, again, they still could not find the order. Again, they told me not to worry about it, it would be canceled. I even called my credit card company and asked for that pending charge to be declined.

Well, wasn't I shocked when the order shipped to me and my credit card charged? I called HO and explained the situation. They (thankfully) had a record of all my calls and told me I could return the order for a refund. I opened the box to see that everything was as it should be and taped it up and returned it with a Ref# HO gave me.

Then, on 7/26 I got 10 (?) emails saying my return has been received (weird). Well, I am now checking for the refund and it still has not appeared.

So, I called HO today and she told me they were missing products!!! Anything that there were multiples of, they only recorded have one returned! :grumpy: I was quite ticked off! How can that be? I 100% know the package was returned with ALL products intact. It concerns me that it would be marked as incomplete. The Rep I spoke to sounded skeptical, but referred it to be credited anyway. What if she didn't believe me? This is the first time I have had an issue with a PC return but don't know how products could have been marked as missing!!

Vent over! Thanks for listening!
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