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Selling the Can Opener


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Apr 14, 2004
The can opener is one of my favorite products.
Yes, I have had to make house calls to show it, but it is awesome. I always make a joke that it does come with picture instructions (for the men). I had a little old lady tell me at show once how much she loved it. She said before she got it, she actually had to wait for her son to come and visit her from out of town to open her cans because her old one was too difficult to use, and now that she has ours, she can do it herself. She had the whole room almost in tears! A couple of great tips I also learned from Advanced Director Kathy Dolan is to point out to guests how much "stuff" they have accumulated on their current can opener's disc that cuts open the can. All that "stuff" is being transferred from can to can, and your family is consuming it. Also, if the lid falls down into the can, do you realize what has been crawling on top of those cans in the warehouse before they came to your house. I then tell guests that say they take a dish rag and wipe off the top of the can, that now they have the "footprints" on the dish rag, and that has now become laundry, which we don't need any more of.

I think another thing that is very important is to educate our guests on the use and care guides. I tell them to be sure to read every one of them once they open their products, and that almost all of them come with great recipes. Some gals tell me that they buy our Recipe Binder to store them all in. I also tell guests that they can go online to our website and view them if they lose them.

Yvonne Rabe :)