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Quick recipes for someone who hates to cook!


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Oct 3, 2005
Hello, I wondered if anyone could help me out with some recipes....I have been talking to the girl that I work with and she agreed to host a show, only to help me out. She HATES :mad: to cook and is not really good at it. :eek:
Does anyone know any recipes that would fit the bill? She's a single mom, with a four year old, and a lot of times works late. I figured if I could find some recipes I can really get her hooked on PC products...Any suggestions???
She is also my first show! :D


Sep 24, 2005
For people who hate to cook

Did you find out about what it is that she hates? Is it the clean up? The time? Is her daughter picky? that could help you tailor how you will sell the products.
For example, if its the clean up-push the stone wear and our cook wear as well all of our great dishwasher safe items (if she has a dishwasher)
If its the time, share with her how wonderfully convenience foods turn out on stone wear-refridgerated cookie dough, frozen french fries , left overs pizza etc.
And 4 year olds love to help in the kitchen! PC has lots of great kid friendly items she could use to spend some quality time with her daughter while she is cooking. If her daughted is a fussy eater, maybe she would like to cut her food into fun and interseting shapes with the creative cutters.
Anyway, my point is-Find Out what it is that she hates.
I am in the same boat with a friend of mine, except that she just CHOOSES never to ever cook because she can afford to get take out all the time. MUST BE NICE!!!!!!!!! :D


May 19, 2005
Chicken Enchilada Ring

I have a host who has done 4 shows for me every year at this time. She racks up a $500.00 show every year, just to earn Christmas presents for her close friends & family!

She also hates to cook, but let me tell you...her & her family love the Chicken Enchilada Ring (Celebrate cookbook). I'll attach it! I have made that recipe 3/4 shows for her. Her 4rth show, which was last week...she panicked, like host always do, and was worried that she wouldn't have enough food...so she pulled out of her fridge the ingred. to the what? Yep, the Chicken Enchilada Ring, threw it together in the time it took me to set up for her show!!!

Her kids joke, that she doesn't cook ANYTHING, but that ring (and they have it, just about every other week, literally!) ;)

In this recipe...you can leave out the olives...but don't leave out the chilies (it changes the taste of the recipe). And use Mayo...not Miracle whip or Hellman's. (you could use it if you like that taste, I guess).


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Oct 3, 2005
Hates to cook!!!

:) Thanks for the recipe! That sounds really yummy! As for what she hates about cooking, She just doesn't like to cook. She went through a divorce
a couple of years ago, and before her ex-husband cooked everything...
She does like the stones I know, because she got to keep some of them. Her
ex was a huge PC fan....But if anything it's mostly being short on time. I wish
I could order out all the time too!! That must be nice!