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Question from customer on knife/case set

Apr 27, 2005
Does anyone know if the knife/case sets, do the knives come out easy or do they stick. are they guranteed not to stick??


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Feb 3, 2005
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "stick". Mine have never gotten stuck. There is one that is super lose, but I would not say that the others stick.

I would venture to say that they are guaranteed not to stick. If they got stuck in the case, that would be a defect.
Feb 22, 2005
One of my new consultants had told me that one of hers stuck and I too had never heard of this before. I just got myself s chef's knive and low and behold... it sticks.

My consultant read the instructions that came with it... go figure... not something I would have thought to do. lol

It says to squeeze the white sides of the case while lifting up on the handle. In time it should loosen.

I still would check with home office just in case but if they printed it in the instructions than they may not replace them unless they are impossiple to get out.


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Jan 21, 2005
Getting the knife from the case

When I first got my Chef's knife it was hard to get out of the case but the other kinves were easier. After using it several times it has loosened up. I suggest you tell them that sometimes they're tight at first and that's good. You WANT them to click in there. They are made to keep the knive blades away from fingers reaching in the drawers!

If the knife is really stuck I would call that a "defect" too. It could be dangerous to force it out - you wouldn't have control of that sharp knife! Have them try it several times by squeezing the sides like the use and care card says (I hadn't read that either - thanks!) and if it still doesn't come out call Customer Service. They'll do an exchange for a different one.

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Knife Set

I have a customer who bought the utility knife and complained that it was difficult to get out of the case.

Finally found out that every time she was pulling it out of the case, she was squeezing the black sharpener! She loves the knife now that she knows how to pull it out without sharpening it every time!
May 2, 2005
Knife Sticking In Case

I Have A Small Paring Knife That Stuck In The Case. As I Was Trying To Get It Out, I Sliced The Palm Of My Hand And Had To Go To Er For 7 Stitches. Please Make Sure That The Knife Is On A Flat Surface And Pull It Out Side Ways.....i Have Learned My Lesson! :(
Apr 27, 2005
Just thought that everyone should know, pampered chef is being sued becuase of the knives sticking in their cases in Missouri. The knives are defective if they stick in the case and pampered chef will replace them if they do.
Apr 5, 2005
I was always told that when you wanted to pull them out without sharpening them, hold the knife blade away from you, push on the PC logo and opposite side, and it comes right out. Mine have never gotten stuck, and that makes it so you won't have a chance of cutting yourself, either.