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Question about how you get your name out there?

Nov 25, 2005
I bought a whole bunch of cheap cardboard box drawing slip boxes, and want to put them in various businesses that will let me near the house. What do you think I should have the prize be, free cooking show and just let everyone have that option, or actually have a prize too-like gift certificate or $15 value gift?
Let me know what you all think. And what businesses usually don't have a problem with you putting these in their stores? I have no clue in this field or advertising.


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
If it were me I would do something for May and do a drawing where everyone wins a free cooking show and do a seperate drawing where everyone gets a ticket for each HWC item purchased and give a $15 value gift for that drawing. That way you get your name out there and get some orders too!

Edited to add....ask every business that is near your house. The worst you will hear is "No" and that's okay!


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Nov 21, 2005
Where do you get the Door Prize Drawing Boxes ?

Where do you get the Door Prize Drawing Boxes ?


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Dec 1, 2005
A lot of places that I have had good experiences are geared towards women. Ask the people at Curves and do a drawing for the It's Good For You cookbook. Give away a $25 gift certificate at a salon. Usually women work at women's places and will be more willing to let you put a box there. Good luck!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska
Nov 25, 2005
Thanks for the ideas

I will def. do free cooking show on every box, and then add something else along with it, I like those ideas. I just have to brainstorm a flyer. O, and the place I ordered them was from http://www.displays2go.com
Hope that link works, if not, just copy and paste into your browser. Look for the cheap cardboard boxes.