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Pampered Chef: Potential recruit with LOTS of questions

  1. dkitten13

    dkitten13 Member

    My potential recruit has a lot of questions that are not covered in any of our flyers. I am going to see if my Exec. Director can call her (my Director's in Paris!) but I'm worried since I want her up and running by my 30th day (Friday!)

    Are there any more detailed PDFs or anything with the upline/downline % and such that are available for people who have not signed up yet?

    Apr 20, 2009
  2. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    What are her questions? Is she concerned about how to make more overrides on a downline?
  3. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Are we allowed to print off, or copy the wording from the sections in the P&P to give to potential recruits?
    Apr 20, 2009
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