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Pampered Chef: Theme Show PC games for kids?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and am just beginning to get my feet wet! I love all the new info!

    Does anyone have any ideas for kids to play at a PC event? I am working on a proposal for my son's school and need to get my ideas to the head of the PTO soon. We are looking at setting up a school fundraiser with a kids in the kitchen theme night. I'm looking at setting up stations for kids to play games using PC products, etc and then having another station for the kids to make the snack mix in the kids cookbook. Along with a station for ordering!! I'd obviously have the help of parent volunteers!!

    Our plan is to have cats/OOF sent home and then follow with the event a week or 2 later.

    I'm going to offer a small prize for each classroom leader in sales and then a gc or something for overall sales.


    Selling PC since 9/06 but finally giving my business the kick in the pants it deserves!!!
    Mar 16, 2009
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