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Organizing your business...

Apr 5, 2005
Hey guys, I think I've finally figured out what's frustrating me about my business...lack or organization!! I’m at the end of my third month, and I still have no real organized space for my business. I’m planning on using this weekend to find a ‘place’ for everything, and I only want to do this once!! What are your tips on organizing your business?
I was thinking of a ‘Host Coaching’ binder with my Host Info sheets in there, an ‘It’s Show Time’ flyer, everything needed for host coaching. What other binders/folders would you recommend?
Thanks guys!


Jul 12, 2005
I have an "everything"binder. I take it with me everywhere. It has the recent KCN, catalog (3-hole punched), order form (in insert). THen I have a section for "host coaching" with my welcome booklet and host coaching information sheets. THen I have a section for "customer care", with my Connect With Customers script sheet and Customer Care Phone Logs. The next section has all of our specials and promotions in inserts (cover sheets). The next section is "Goals", with my incentive planner and step up to director goals and advice. My next section is "Business Tips/Ideas". THis is kinda a "catch-all" for things I like to stay on top of...motivation, new ideas, etc.
Finally, I have the host program booklet, customer service procedures pages (that I made), and that's it! I take this everywhere so that I can make calls when I'm waiting in the car, or stuck in traffic. I have everything at my fingertips.

Just what I do...keeps me organized on the go, but my desk, well, that's another thing... :D


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May 6, 2005
I like that system, Rebecca! I used to be such an organized person, then I had kids.....I can stay on top of all my business-related stuff, but I KNOW I can be better organized. Oh and you should see my desk. Geez!! I have some binders full of things, but need to re-organize.

Here is how I organize some things:
binder for KCN
binder for host information sheets and tabs for each month to file them in (I need to be better about using these though!)
file folders for: monthly special flyers, host planners, fundraiser info, outside order forms, recruiting info, flyers on how to have a successful kitchen or catalog show, and file folders with order forms of shows that have been submitted - I fill them up then start a new one when it's full.

In my office I have one of those in/out box things that has four levels. One for catalogs that I've stamped and are ready to go, one for order forms, one for PP receipts for the printer and one with other flyers like recruiting stuff. I'm going to be moving my office into the basement once it's done being finished and I can't wait! I am having a whole workspace put in and I can't wait to organize everything from scratch! I'm excited to get others' ideas on here in the meantime so I can be all organized and ready to go!


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Jul 14, 2005
Business in a Box

When I went to Conference 2 years ago, I attended an AWESOME workshop about organization. They recommend a "Business in a Box."

Consultant Corner has a "Host Information Form" under Downloads. This system is based on that - as pre-Pampered Partner, that is what consultants used for logging Host data. They are still REALLY helpful for the same reason chefbilyeu said -- you can take them with you and work from anywhere ! (not all of us have laptops !!)

Anyway, here's the way this works:
You need a 5x8" index card file box (less than $5 at Staples/Office Max). You will also need three sets of dividers to fit the box - one 1-31, one with the months Jan-Dec, and one A-Z. If you'd like, you can also get a package of 5x8" index cards for misc info.

You will fill out a host info card for each host/show. Then, with the 1-31 file in the front, you will place the host's information card in the day of the month that you next need to take action for contacting them. (Ex, if show is on Aug 20th, and you need to mail their host packet on the 28th of July, you'd place their card in the 28 tab). Then, once you've completed the task, you mark it on the card, and move the card to the next date you need to contact them (Ex, the 2nd of Aug to see if they received their packet and discuss.) You can take this one step further if you use Postcards from Nancy's Artworks, by addressing and stamping all the postcards you'll use during your host coaching, paper clipping them to the host card, and placing them in the appropriate days for mailing as well ! :)

The month tabs are used for upcoming months bookings, and then, when a show is over, you can file the host in your A-Z !! :D

With the plain index cards, you can log things like "CHECK SUPPLIES", "ATTEND MEETING", "SEND MAILING", or other business activities and put those under the day you want to complete that task. Its like a calendar and a filing cabinet all at once (and eliminates sticky note overload in your Planner !!) :p

They used to also have a Potential/New Recruit card - but I didn't see that out there on Cons. Corner.

I know we're encouraged to use Contact Management in Pampered Partner, but I work a day job and have small kids, so this makes it SO much easier when I am not able to sit down in front of the computer ! Everything I need is in ONE PORTABLE ORGANIZED PLACE !! This was my best takeaway from Conference. Hope it helps !


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Jul 22, 2005
ChefTLD said:
Consultant Corner has a "Host Information Form" under Downloads. This system is based on that - as pre-Pampered Partner, that is what consultants used for logging Host data.

How do you get the Host Info to print as two pages/ front and back for my cards? It just prints as one full page through Adobe.
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Jul 14, 2005

You'd probably have to do it on a copier and print onto cardstock (make two prints off Downloads, and do them in opposite directions on the copier, then you get two -two sided cards with each print.) We used to be able to order the cards themselves on a Paperwork Supply order - I don't see them there anymore. :confused:
But, you can just print that single sided and fold it in half to fit it into the card box. :)