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Opinions: Key Items to get during kit enhancement month?

Jun 17, 2005
Hey all! I was wondering what everyone thought was a key purchase to make during kit enhancement month?

I made SS#1 and #3 and have a few other items that I got as incentives or bought at the beginning of the season as samples.

Right now I'm planning on buying the following:

1) US&G
2) Tool Turn About
3) Spreader Set
4) Large Rectangular Baker
5) Rectangular Lid/Bowl (I love clay bakers!!!)
6) Rectangular Baker Lid

Am I missing anything that's crucial? I was thinking of getting the SA Essentials Set too, but don't really have a whole lot of money to spend. Do you find that by having the SA pieces at your shows that you sell more?


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Jun 20, 2005
My director recommends getting the Essential set and Entertaining set, but I already have the Tool Turn about and the US&G. She uses SA in ALL her shows. She really sets the recipe up nicely on the table.


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Feb 2, 2005
I am not sure what you have earned, but these are products I love for my kitchen.

Stainless Steel bowls
Prep bowls
Large and small spreaders...their long handles help when frosting cakes or spreading anything when you are using a stone with sides or a cake pan.
Kitchen scissors
Smooth Edge Can Opener
I love the SA pieces, but rarely sell any.
The Scraper collection
Southwestern Seasoning Mix
Italian Seasoning Mix
Rosemary Herb seasoning mix
Cookware...I held a show and purchased mine for 1/2 price
4-piece Colander and Bowl Set with lids
Chillzanne Rectangle Server
Any and all of the stoneware pieces...The rectangle baker and lid/bowl are wonderul!

I know this is a long list. I never have money when it is kit enhancement month, so most things I get as samples or have a show and get them that way.

I love nearly every product we have. Anything you will personally use in your kitchen will be great for your kit because you use it and will know all the best features and you can talk about them from experience. If you won't use it, I wouldn't buy it.



Jul 31, 2005
chrisgodleski said:
Do you find that by having the SA pieces at your shows that you sell more?
I bought the Entertaining Set on a sample order and it arrived hours before a show I had last month. I set it up with the Woven Selections Rectangle Tray and the Spreader Set. It looked beautiful!! Anyway, before I even began my demo, I had a woman order the entire thing - $110!!

For me, it's hit or miss on who will buy it. I've done a couple big shows recently with a lot of SAHM and I don't think I sold any pieces (or very few). They wanted more of the "making your life easier" products like the food chopper, prep bowls, stoneware, etc.


Sep 24, 2005
I would strongly recommend the prep bowls-everyone loves them and it makes for a nice presentation when you do your demo (helps with prep work too)- I have sold alot since I got these.
Also, those who LOVE SA, will want to see the new striped pieces-I just got the small square but your could also do the tray with the woven piece.
Lastly, the Easy Accent Decorator is really helpful for lots of demos, plus you can use it for a quick 2nd recipe like the creamy garlic spread that comes in the PUC-People also buy alot of these.


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Jun 29, 2005
I sell a lot of the Easy Accent Decorators and the Cookie Press WHEN I TAKE THEM TO A SHOW. If I don't take them, I don't sell many. Right now, you can order the Easy Accent Decorator and the Professional Family Skillet for half price on a supply order. That will change when the Spring Paperwork comes out. Better jump on it! I personally am going to get the springform pan when my kit enhancement month gets here (April or May I think?). I have have also sold a lot of the Simple Additions pieces by taking them to shows.


Oct 3, 2005
Yesterday I got the SA plus bonus in the mail and I LOVE THEM!! I wanted to go practical and get the bonus with all the kitchen helpers but I decided to get the SA because they are so versatile and look so nice. I have a show on the 12th and I'm hoping by bringing some of them I can sell some.


Novice Member
Oct 30, 2005
I would recommed getting the Stoneware Fluted Pan. I do a lot of microwave cakes in this at my shows! And when you show how you can "bake" a cake in the microwave in only 14 minutes...they sell like hotcakes!! :D

Sep 20, 2005
I would recommend the prep bowls for your shows...they are awesome helpers and they are easy to sell. I would also recommend the smooth edge can opener...I currently own 2 of them b/c my family gets lost if I bring it to the show and leave them with the auto one. It's a great product, easy to sell- especially to moms and dads...with it being such a smooth clean cut, let the guests feel it and they will see that they have absolutely nothing to worry about when their kids want to help in the kitchen. I know I have sold a ton that way!