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Newbie mistake w/E-vites


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Sep 8, 2008
Ok. So I just realized that when I send evites for my host, if I send them from my PWS section where I set up the shows, etc....it puts the return email address as MY name, not the hosts.

I didn't realize that I need to log-in as the Host through my PWS and then send them that way- so it has HER name on it! *DOH!*

Fortunately, it hasn't impacted me TOO bad...a few people didn't recognize my name so they ignored it.

WHOOPSIE! Thought I'd post this- in case someone else out there was like me and walking around blind and dumb! :D


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Jan 16, 2009
I did that my first time too, luckily I sent myself a test email before I sent everyones. That is a good lesson to share w/ those not familiar w/ the evites!


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Nov 9, 2005
Thank you for posting your lesson learned. I am just in the process of helping a host get her e-vites out, and had offered to do that for her.

I NEED HELP! I customized an e-vite for my hostess. I want to be sure she can access it, and use it rather than the PC formated invite. I'm going to play with the website, as if I was her, and then write down the steps for her to follow.
How I wish PC had a "HOW TO" place for us to copy and send our hostess', on how to
use our personal web sites to send e-vites. I need that information in front of me to
be able to do it correctly, and not by guess and by golly. Can someone spell it out in
a few simple steps for me?


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Nov 9, 2005
I ended up calling HO, and a nice Tech walked me through what I needed at that point in time. It involved highlighting, copy, and paste to put the custom message in the
box for additional comments. However, I learned that the "canned invite" cannot be deleted, so the letter is confusing, and can give the person receiving it, mixed information. Then, rather than their having the option to place an order, their only response is to say they will attend or will not attend.

I also wanted to print out the guest list but the program will not let me do that because the hostess only entered the e-mail addresses. There is no option to be able to print that list out, unfortunately.

If HO reads our chefsuccess site, I hope they will address these issues. Or, if any of those reading this thread have an "IN" please pass along these shortcomings on PWS.
Perhaps, one of you attending NC, will talk with the TECHs and make these suggestions.


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Apr 15, 2009
EEEK.....perfect timing with the post! Thanks. I just sent out invites, for the first time, a couple of days ago.....went back and resent all the invites....party is Saturday!

Thank you!