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New Hires at the Home office

Mar 28, 2006
Just thought I would let all of you know about what happened to me last week.
I am fairly new to TPC (less than 1 year) and just recruited a host who wanted to use kit credit from her show. Since I had never done this before and have had very little training, I wanted to make sure to do it correctly. I was in the process of putting in her show and couldnt figure out how to "show" that she wanted to use the 40 toward her SS kit. I looked over the Sharing the Opportunity section in the Recipe for Success and still couldnt figure it out. I partially blame "new mommy brain" on not thinking to look over the pull down list for the 5228 code, so I called HO to ask what I was doing wrong.
Anyway, I spoke to a woman who "walked me through putting in the host order. She told me to just leave 40 open as unused free product and submit the consultant aggreement in a couple of days. I didnt feel very good about it but figured she knew much more than I did. NOT TRUE. Late last week I called HO again because the consultant agreement wasnt going in right. That was because they didnt show any kit credit. After speaking to 4 different people, who told me 4 different things I finally spoke to a very nice and finally professional woman named Maria in Consultant and Director services. She stated that she would look into the problem and said that they are in the process of training new people at HO. She added that they hope to have all the training done by May 1st and that the new trainees are supposed to check with their senior supervisor if they have any questions in whick they couldnt answer. Apparently, the woman with whom I spoke to when I was submitting her show thought she knew what she was doing.
My frustration is this, we call to get our questions answered and rely on the information given to us as correct. The mistake wasnt mine, however, I had to pay for the misinformation. I had to pay the difference for the kit out of my pocket. No way was I going back to my new consultant and having her give me the money. She was already wondering what was going on when it took over a week to get things going.
Make sure when you call the HO that you feel the information is correct. At least until May 1st when they say the "training " will be done. I have told my new recruits to call me with questions and if I dont know the answer I will call another consultant or someone else to try to get the correct information.
I have gone on and on about this. I apologize, its been frustrating. I kick myself for not knowing how to put this into the computer myself but like I said I am fairly new. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up about this.


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Mar 29, 2005
That's terrible! I too have been given misinformation as well as my recruit. I even told my recruit to call back and see if they would give her the same information just because I haven't been believing what they said! :rolleyes: Thanks for posting that because I truly felt the same way about Ho and you just cleared that up for me!;) :)


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Apr 14, 2004
Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately when working for a successfull growing company like PC it also means new inexperienced people sometimes in the home office.


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Oct 6, 2005
Wow, that sucks! You shouldn't have to pay for that. The HO should totally reimburse you! I would call back and demand that they cover it.


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Nov 3, 2005
my new recruit got a phone day a few days ago and the lady told her that she didn't send enough money with her show well then she put my recruit on hold and come back on the phone and told her she sent to much money. I know everything was right b/c I put the show in myself on my pp. Now the show is about $30 less than it's supposed to be. I wonder if a newbie screwed this up too.


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Jan 21, 2005
If I have a question I always EMAIL home office. They are more likely to give accurate information if they have to give it to you in writing (but not always so).

We just have to be patient and ask the question the right way and to more than one person. When this happens a lot they send out an explaination to the masses - it's happened a lot.


Mar 7, 2006
Frustration w/ HO

I submitted a show for a host (my mother, with whome I live) last week. Yesterday I get home from work and there's a message on my machine from the HO (don't know how they got my home number, since I only gave them my cell) saying I was $10 short. I figure I must have balanced my order and put my DC payment in before putting in a final order. So I call and get everything straightened out. Today I get an e-mail from my Director; HO called HER and told her that I needed to pay the extra $10 AND they don't know how to ship the show: is the show in my name or is the shipment just going to my house for the host. HELLO!! My mother's name is on the show as the host, she's hosted who-knows-how-many-times before. And apparently, the guy I talked to last night didn't fix the $10 problem. ARGH!

Sorry, just needed to vent.